Why Lakehead is the Exceptional Choice

Lakehead is the exceptional choice for you to develop your abilities as an educator and complete your Bachelor of Education degree (BEd). We are an innovative institution that offers high-quality learning experiences, which work to meet your needs as well as the needs of future learners.

Whether you have just finished you Bachelor’s degree or you are hoping to change careers, we offer the supports that will help you to be successful in our classrooms and yours. We are an extraordinary choice for undergraduate studies in Education for many reasons, including our:

We are Home to Passionate and Acclaimed Faculty

Our faculty members are experts in their area of study and continue to advance their own knowledge through research and professional development. Our faculty and staff are committed to helping you explore your passions and interests and are dedicated to mentoring your academic, professional, and personal growth. Some of the research that our faculty members are undertaking includes:

By collaborating with our faculty, you will have the opportunity to expand your knowledge and develop the necessary skills to teach. Learning from, and with, our faculty members will help you to grow as a teacher and will allow you to make a difference in the lives of current and future learners.

Note: For more information about our passionate faculty as well as their research areas, please see our Faculty and Staff page

We Offer Diverse Learning Opportunities

At Lakehead, we understand that you have unique goals and values; because of this uniqueness, we offer diverse programs and courses that work to meet your individual needs.

Unique Program Streams

Our diverse learning opportunities will allow you to address content and practices that are important to you. Some of our unique program streams include the following:

Diverse Course Options

We offer a wide range of courses that will help you explore your personal and professional interests. Our courses will allow you to study various areas while addressing the theoretical and practical aspects of teaching. As part of each BEd program, you are able to complete courses in some of the following areas including:

  • Religious Education in Catholic District School Boards in Ontario
  • Teaching in First Nations, Métis, and Inuit Communities
  • Teaching Internationally
  • Outdoor Education
  • Teaching English Language Learners

Note: For more information about our electives, see our Bachelor of Education Degree Programs page or our University Calendar

We Focus on the Learner

Through small class sizes, a focus on practical experiences, and mentorship opportunities, we offer a supportive learning environment that focuses on your needs as a learner. We work with you to create an environment that fosters collaboration, personal growth, and professional development so you can ensure that future learners will have the same opportunities.

Small Class Sizes

By keeping our class sizes small, we create a comfortable and welcoming learning environment where you are able to grow as a teacher. At Lakehead, our professors are able to give you individualized attention and focus on your needs and interests.

Practical Experiences and Mentoring Opportunities

At Lakehead, you will not only learn in the classroom. All BEd students, no matter your program, will participate in “hands-on” student-teacher placements to observe effective teaching practices, apply instructional approaches in a classroom setting, and experience mentoring from an associate teacher.

As part of your BEd program, you will participate in 105 days of in-school placement over the span of two years (50 days over the span of two semesters for BEd Professional Year students). This extensive placement will give you the opportunity to discover your own style of teaching as well as enter the job market with the necessary experience and abilities to become successful.

We also offer unique, in-school experiences that can further prepare you to teach in your own classroom or other learning environments. In Thunder Bay, our PPOD stream places you in an off-campus setting one day per week to cover course material as well as develop your practical teaching abilities.

For more information about our placement opportunities and our PPOD stream, please see our Practicum Information page and our Professional Program On-Site Delivery (PPOD) Information page.

We Financially Assist Learners

We know how important financial assistance is. Working with Enrollment Services, Undergraduate Admissions, and Student Awards and Financial Aid, we strive to provide financial assistances to aid your education.

For more information about different funding options, use the following resources: