Bachelor of Education Degree Programs

Whether you are just beginning your educational journey or looking to begin a new career, we have a program that will help you to meet your needs. We offer many exciting undergraduate Education programs that will allow you to earn a Bachelor of Education degree (BEd) and learn how to become an effective teacher.

During your BEd experience, you will work to develop the pedagogical content knowledge, practical skills, and professional attitudes to teach learners effectively. Our BEd programs combine in-class learning, practical experiences, and mentoring opportunities to address your academic, professional, and emotional needs as both a learner and teacher.

Once you successfully complete a BEd degree program you will be recommended to the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) to become an Ontario Certified Teacher. As a member of the OCT, you will be eligible to teach in an Ontario school or other setting, including internationally, as countries around the world recognize this certification.

Our Bachelor of Education Degree Programs

For information about our Bachelor of Education undergraduate degree programs by campus, please see the following links: