Mathematics Competency Assessment (Primary/Junior)

A unique strength of Lakehead University’s Bachelor of Education program is the Mathematics Competency Assessment. We are the only program in Ontario that requires graduates to demonstrate an understanding of mathematics at a Grade 6/7 level by passing a comprehensive exam prior to receiving their Bachelor of Education degree and subsequently being recommended for certification to the Ontario College of Teachers.

All Primary/Junior (P/J) teacher candidates must complete the Mathematics Competency Assessment with a mark of 75%, or higher, in order to complete the program and receive a Bachelor of Education degree (BEd). 

This compulsory exam helps to ensure that all P/J teacher candidates understand basic mathematical concepts (e.g., proportional reasoning, probability, algebra reasoning, measurement concepts, connections among fractions, decimals, and percents).

Teacher Candidate Testimonials

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What is the Mathematics Competency Assessment?

The Mathematics Competency Assessment is a single test that all P/J teacher candidates must complete with a mark of 75%, or higher, to receive their BEd. This exam tests your math content knowledge to ensure that you have the necessary knowledge and understanding to teach in Ontario schools. The exam covers the mathematical concepts that make up the Ontario math curriculum (elementary) and requires you to demonstrate your understanding in a wide range of areas.

How do I pass the Mathematics Competency Assessment?

As a P/J teacher candidate, you must complete the Mathematics Competency Assessment successfully. To pass, you must achieve a mark of 75%. If you do not pass the assessment within the allotted number of attempts during the 2 Year BEd program, you will not receive your BEd degree.

As university graduates, it is our expectation that you will enter the Bachelor of Education Primary/Junior program with a solid understanding of mathematics up to a Grade 6/7 level. We recommend that you review your math skills and use the following resources to help prepare for the exam:

In addition, we will post a number of supports on the EDUC 0450 D2L course site.

When and where is the Mathematics Competency Assessment?

The assessment is scheduled each September at both the Thunder Bay campus and Orillia campuses. Details will be provided in your program.

What happens if I miss the Mathematics Competency Assessment?

Missing the initial sitting of the assessment in September is deemed the first attempt of two that are provided per course registration in EDUC 0450. Alternate or additional sittings are not available; thus, the final assessment sitting for the EDUC 0450 course is in March of the same academic year.

Students in the Primary-Junior division of the Two-Year Professional Program who miss the September sitting of the Mathematics Competency Assessment in Year 1 are encouraged to monitor the EDUC 0450 D2L website for supports to help prepare them for the next sitting. 

What happens if I fail the Mathematics Competency Assessment?

If your initial attempt to pass the Mathematics Competency Assessment is unsuccessful, you can re-write it in March of the same academic year. 

If you are a P/J teacher candidate in the Two-Year BEd Professional Program, you are required to enrol in and complete EDUC 3519: Mathematics Curriculum for P/J Teaching in Year 1 immediately after learning you were unsuccessful in your 1st attempt of the exam. The second opportunity to write the exam will take place on both campuses in March.

If you are a P/J teacher candidate in the Two-Year BEd Professional Program, and you do not obtain a mark of 75% on your second attempt, you must re-register for and complete EDUC 0450, section YA (Thunder Bay) or YAO (Orillia) that corresponds to your home campus, in the next academic year. Registering in EDUC 0450 YA or YAO in Year 2 provides you with two more opportunities to write the math competency exam: September and March.

If you fail your third attempt in September of your second year, you will not be permitted to proceed to the Fall Term November-December practicum, until such time as you have successfully passed the Mathematics Competency Assessment program requirement. Instead you will be enrolled in a two-part intensive math workshop. Part 1 will take place for five weeks during November and December, and Part 2 once a week beginning in January through to the March sitting of the exam.

If you are again unsuccessful in EDUC 0450 in your second year of studies, you will no longer be eligible to receive your BEd or be recommended to the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT).