Thunder Bay Bachelor of Education Degree Programs

Lakehead Thunder Bay offers unique Bachelor of Education degree (BEd) programs that will help you to fulfill your own educational goals as well as the goals of future learners. By choosing to complete your BEd in Thunder Bay, you will be able to earn the professional qualifications to teach but more importantly, the expertise and experience to teach well.

Our Thunder Bay programs will give you the opportunity to learn in modern facilities, the freedom to learn in ways that are meaningful to you, and the chance to practice your teaching in local schools. Whether you already have a university degree or you are just beginning your educational journey, we have a program that will help you to meet your needs.

Thunder Bay Bachelor of Education Degree Programs

Two-Year Bachelor of Education Degree Professional Programs (Thunder Bay)

Two-Year Bachelor of Education Professional Programs

Studying Education in Thunder Bay

Thunder Bay is an ideal location to both live and study. We are a diverse community that offers all of the conveniences of a big city but has a small town feel. Located on the north shore of Lake Superior, Thunder Bay gives you an unparalleled access to nature and a wide range of activities and cultural events.

Lakehead Thunder Bay has modern facilities and the resources that can help you to be successful; however, our most important quality is our community of learners. When you choose Lakehead Thunder Bay, you become part of a learning community that works together to increase your teaching knowledge and abilities. We work together to ensure your success and the success of future learners.