Resources for your Success

Having the right resources and information is a crucial part of being an effective teacher. Resources such as lesson plans or curriculum documents are important at any stage of your education or career. These resources can help you to prepare for all of your in-class experiences as well as the professional aspects of being a teacher.

The following resources can help you to be successful throughout your Bachelor of Education degree (BEd) and your teaching career:

Academic Resources

External Resources

    Professional Seminars

    While your in-class work is a crucial part of being an effective teacher, you must also understand the professional components of education. By attending our Professional Seminars, you will become familiar with the professional aspects of teaching. Each seminar works to provide you with current information about the teaching profession, including:

    • Essential Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) information
    • Ministry of Education initiatives
    • Salary Scale information
    • Employment and job fair information
    • Professional development and lifelong learning opportunities

    All Professional Seminars are mandatory and are important to your time at Lakehead and to your future as a teacher.