Unique Programming

At Lakehead, we know that you and your future students bring diverse ideas and values to the classroom. Because of this diversity, we offer unique program streams and elective courses; these offerings will help you to tailor your learning and to meet your individual goals and the goals of learners.

Professional Program On-Site Delivery (PPOD)

Our Professional Program On-Site Delivery (PPOD) stream gives all Primary/Junior (P/J) candidates in Thunder Bay the chance to complete coursework and to develop and apply their professional knowledge in a classroom setting.

Our PPOD stream places you in a cooperating school where you will complete selected courses and practice your teaching. By participating in our PPOD stream, you are able to gain important teaching experience before you begin your practicum.

For more information about our PPOD stream, click the following:

Note: This stream is only available to candidates in Thunder Bay. All P/J candidates must participate in a PPOD and select their courses, excluding electives, from one of our PPOD schedules

Specialization as a Teacher of Aboriginal Learners Certificate

Our Specialization as a Teacher of Aboriginal Learners Certificate provides all concurrent education students with the opportunity to develop a better understanding of Aboriginal knowledge, cultures, and teachings. This Specialization adds an Aboriginal focus to your area of study and helps you to develop the necessary skills to share Aboriginal knowledge with learners.

For more information about our Specialization as a Teacher of Aboriginal Learners Certificate, visit the following:

Our Available Elective Courses

Elective courses give you the chance to tailor your experience to meet your learning interests and passions; our Education electives address many subjects and can help you to incorporate important materials and practices into your teaching. 

For more information about our available electives, please view the timetable online.