Current Research in Teacher Education

The following is a list of some of the interesting research, currently or recently undertaken, on teacher education in the Faculty.


DeWaard H., Secord S., Johnson L. (2022) Build it in Beta: ePortfolio Use in Teacher Education in Orillia Research Report.  Education Research Fund, 2022. 


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Dr. Sonia Mastrangelo Receives Grant to Explore Well-Being Among Residents of Camphill Communities Ontario

Dr. Sonia Mastrangelo (Associate Professor, Education) is a co-investigator on a research project that has been awarded a SSHRC Partnership Engage Grant. Sonia is working alongside Principal Investigator Dr. Gerardo Reyes (Assistant Professor, Biology, Lakehead University) and an interdisciplinary team on the research project entitled: Fostering the Socio-Ecological Resilience of CCO's Maple Syrup Operation in the Face of Climate Change.

O'Neill, M. L. & van Barneveld, A. (2021) Digital fluency - digital experience design: Creating quality technology-enhanced learner experiences: Open course development and pilot. Virtual Learning Strategy: eCampusOntario/Ontario Ministry of Education. Design grant awarded $171,000.00.

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Beatty, Ruth. A Series of seminars for Nelson Canada on culturally responsive mathematics education: 

Beatty, R. & Clyne, C. Forthcoming. Relationships and reciprocity in mathematics education. To be included in Brown T, Glaze, A., Mathew N., and Wuttunee, W. (Eds.) (2020) Engaging Indigenous Students: Creating Pathways to Success, Corwin Press.

Beatty, R. & Clyne, C. (2020) Culturally sustaining mathematics education. Forthcoming in J. Holm, & S. Mathieu-Soucy (Eds.), Proceedings / actes 2019 annual meeting / rencontre annuelle of the Canadian Mathematics Education Study Group / Groupe Canadien d’étude en didactique des mathématiques. Waterloo, ON: CMESG/GCEDM

Collins, Tara and Sonia Grover (Co-investigator). The International and Canadian Child Rights Partnership (ICCRP) team; seeking funding for a new international collaborative project concerning child and youth activists and their contributions to social transformations that benefit the environment and humankind internationally. A project has been developed titled Social Innovators: Children Advancing Change in the Transatlantic region (CHILD ACTION)

Field, E. (2020) Is it all just emojis and lol: or can social media foster environmental learning and activism? In M. Hoechsmann, P. R. Carr, & G. Thesee (Eds.), Education for Democracy 2.0: Changing Frames of Media Literacy. Boston, MA: Brill/Sense Publishers.

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Field, E. Schwartzberg, P., Berger, P. (2020) How should climate change be taught in schools?. Ed Can Network Facts on Education. Retrieved from:

Field, E., Stevens, J., Spiropolous, G & Acton, K. (2020) Empowering Learners in a warming world: a climate change inquiry guide for secondary teachers (Guide written for Learning for a Sustainable Future and funded by the Cooperators).

Field, E., Schwartzberg, P. & Berger, P. (2020) Canada, Climate Change and Education: Opportunities for Public and Formal Education (Formal Report for Learning for a Sustainable Future and funded by SSHRC and Trottier Foundation). Regional reports available as well; available at:

Grover, S.C. (2020) Judicial Activism and the Democratic Rule of Law: Selected Case Studies, Springer Publishing.

Grover, S.C. (2020) The Denial of 'Wrongful Life' Claims in the Canadian Courtroom: A Reexamination from a Children's Rights Perspective in Waldock, T. (Ed.) The Status of Children in Canada: A Children’s Right’s Analysis, 205–21, Wilfred Laurier Press.

Collins, Tara and Sonia Grover (Co-investigator). 2016–19. SSHRC funded partnership project ($200,000): The International and Canadian Child Rights Partnership (ICCRP): Child Participation in International Child Protection. The research is directed to exploring the connection between children’s rights to participation and protection.

Helyar, F. (in press) A History of Acadian Education in New Brunswick Canada, 1900-1940 (Book)

Holm, J. & Kajander, A. (2020) Seeking intersections: Math degrees, beliefs, and elementary teacher knowledge. Canadian Journal of Science, Mathematics and Technology Education, 20, 27-41.

Holm, J., & Kajander, A. (2020, April). Homeschooling math lessons: Think dice games, cooking fractions and ratios with chocolate milk. The Conversation.

Mastrangelo, S. (2020) Keynote Presentations to St. Lucia Ministry of Special Education National Conference. Castries, St. Lucia.

  1. Reframing Behaviours in Students with Special Needs.
  2. Strategies for Supporting Our Students Through their Stress Behaviours.
  3. Research Findings on the Impact of Corporal Punishment.

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Pluim, G. (PI). Educational transfer between small states of the Commonwealth: A vertical case study analysis of the professionalization of the field of youth work. SSHRC Partnership Engagement Grant with the Commonwealth of Learning (2020-22).

Pluim, G. (in press). Learning history through intensive, experiential, place-based education: Indigenous-Settler Relations in precarious times. In M. Chaktsiris and & S. Cutrara, Doing History in Precarious Times. L.R. Wilson Institute for Canadian History.

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Beatty, R. SSHRC Connection Grant, $68, 154 for: First Nations and Metis Math Voices Project: Continuing Building Capacity.

Wiidookaadying Gikinoomaagewin: Gindaaswin Kendaaswin Relationships and Reciprocity: Indigenous Education and Mathematics Conference 2019; hosted on the Orillia campus. This conference was supported by a SSHRC Indigenous Research Capacity and Reconciliation Connection Grant. It was attended by over 200 participants including community Elders, knowledge keepers and leaders, educators and administrators from across the province (and a few participants from Saskatchewan and Nova Scotia). To access the conference website please visit

Campbell, T., Verma, G., Melville, W. & Park, B-Y. (2019) JSTE as a forum for engaging in knowledge generation and discourses in science teacher education, equity and justice-focused science teacher education, and professional learning for science teacher education scholars. Journal of Science Teacher Education, 30 (5), 429-433.

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Hardy, I. & Melville, W. (2019) Professional learning as policy enactment: The primacy of professionalism. Education Policy Analysis Archives, 29 (90), 1-23. 

Jessiman-MacArthur, Shannon. (2019) The REACH program: an alternative for students-at-risk in order to remain in their home school environment.

Helyar, F. (2019) Book Review: Stephen Jackson, Constructing National Identity in Canadian and Australian Classrooms: The Crown of Education. History of Education, DOI: 10.1080/0046760X.2019.1693638

Kajander, Ann. (2019 Invited Research Talk Given at Fields Institute, Toronto.

Mastrangelo, Sonia and Meridith Lovell-Johnston. (2019–2022) SSHRC Partnership Development Grant, with contributions from Kwayaciiwin Education Resource Centre and the Mehritt Centre: Supporting the Development of Young Children’s Self-Regulation Capacities and Literacy Skills in Ontario’s Northern Communities: Engaging Families and Educators. To create new synergies among organizations invested in children, families, and educators using Indigenous research methodologies to develop new knowledge and understanding of self- regulation practices and literacy development. Includes issues of social justice, children’s ways of knowing, and navigating the world will be at the forefront of our discussions.

Mastrangelo, S. & Lovell-Johnston, M. (2019) Co-Regulation as the Foundation to Helping Young Children Learn to Read. Resonance. Self Regulation Institute.

Mastrangelo, S. (2019) Keynote Presentations to The Alia Intervention Center Annual Autism Conference. Manama, Kingdom of Bahrain.

  1. Targeting Social Skills and Friendships: Possibilities for Practice at the Alia National School.
  2. The Autism Mentorship Program: Considerations for Transitions to Post-Secondary.

Mastrangelo, S. (2019) Inclusion of Students with Disabilities in Canada: Challenges and Opportunities. Conference Keynote: UNISUL Brazil annual special education conference. Tubarao, Brazil.

Mastrangelo, S. (2019) Special Educational Needs and Disabilities in Primary Education (Canada). In I. Menter, and M.T. Tatto (Eds). Bloomsbury Education and Childhood Studies. DOI: 10.5040/9781350996267.0030

Mastrangelo, S. (2019) Reframing Autism Spectrum Disorders: Building Our Understanding to Support Successful Interactions. Invited Presentation to Jordan’s Principle Knowledge Exchange Conference. Toronto, ON.

Mastrangelo, S. (2019) Reframing Autism Spectrum Disorders: Opportunities for Educator Practice. Chiefs of Ontario Annual Conference, Thunder Bay, ON.

Mastrangelo, S. (2019) Interview with Michelle Ferrari, Self-Regulation and the Relationship to Fear and Anxiety. Available:

Mastrangelo, S. (2019) Interview with Cathy Alex from CBC Thunder Bay on Full Day Kindergarten and impact of cuts on Families.

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Pluim, G. (PI). Understanding student experiences in a Professional Education Program. (2019–current)

Russell, C. (2019). An intersectional approach to teaching and learning about humans and other animals in educational contexts. In T. Lloro-Bidart & V. Banschbach (Eds.), Animals in environmental education: Interdisciplinary approaches to curriculum and pedagogy (pp. 35-52). Cham, Switzerland: Palgrave Macmillan.

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Cheng, C., van Barneveld, A. Eddington, D., Lem, C., & Mowat, J. (2019, November). NorthBEAT learning: Development of NorthBEAT’s elearning strategy to decrease barriers to EPI in Northwestern Ontario [Conference session]. EPION Conference, Toronto, ON.

van Barneveld, A. (2019, November). Whadaya mean I have to teach online? [Conference session]. Ontario Association of Adult and Continuing Education School Board Administrators (CESBA) Conference, Toronto, ON.

van Barneveld, A. & Strobel, J. (2019, July). Extent and depth of PBL implementation:  Survey results from over 300 PBL-implementing US engineering educators [Paper presentation]. 2019 Research in Engineering Education Symposium (REES), Cape Town, South Africa.

van Barneveld, C. (2019). Absenteeism at Lakehead Public Schools Research Report. Technical Report to Lakehead Public Schools

van Barneveld, C. (2019). Implementation of EDSBY at SGDSB Research Report. Technical Report to Superior Greenstone District School Board


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Beatty, R. (2018) SSHRC Indigenous Research Capacity and Reconciliation Connection Grant, $44, 666, for: Culturally Responsive Education: Building Capacity. 

Beatty, R. (2018) Provincial Webinar Series as part of the Ministry of Education’s Renewed Math Strategies Series. In this 4-part (10 hour) series we outline the project, demonstrate our cyclical process of engagement, and highlight students’ mathematical thinking developed through culture, with connections to the Ministry’s FNMI Education Policy Framework.

Czank, James. (2018) People in Discursive Spaces: Entry-level humanities education for non- traditional adult learners. PhD Dissertation.

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Leslie, L. (2018) Teacher Candidate Placements: An Underused Method for Recruiting Certified, Skilled, and Compassionate Teachers for Remote Indigenous Communities in Ontario. Report published for Rideau Hall Foundation; remote placement grant.

Lovell-Johnston, Meridith and Sonia Mastrangelo. (2018–2020) SSHRC Partnership Engage Grant, with matching funds from Simcoe County District School Board: Enhancing Instruction in Early Literacy, Inquiry-Based Kindergarten Classrooms. This action research project works to improve educators' abilities to effectively implement the Kindergarten Program and support their students transition to formal education, and collects data on program implementation in participating classrooms to support our institutional partner leadership and decision-making around professional learning for their educators.

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