Two-Year Bachelor of Education Degree Programs

Our Two-Year Bachelor of Education degree (BEd) Professional Programs allow people who have an approved undergraduate degree to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes as well as earn the qualifications to teach in Ontario or in another location. These programs combine in-class learning with practical teaching experiences to help you to develop the pedagogical theories and practices that are necessary to meet the needs of learners.

Lakehead Thunder Bay’s two-year professional degree programs will prepare you to teach in the Primary/Junior (P/J) or Intermediate/Senior (I/S) division. Once you successfully complete a two-year BEd professional program, we will recommend you to the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) for certification to teach in Ontario.

For more information about our Two-Year BEd Professional Programs, see our Academic Program and General Policies Guide: Two Year BEd Professional Program and use the following resources:

Program Requirements

To complete a Two-Year BEd Professional Program, no matter the division, you must complete common core courses, which include your in-class practicum, curriculum and instruction courses, and electives. Each of these learning opportunities will help you to develop the pedagogical content knowledge and skills that are required to teach in an Ontario school or other setting.

During your professional program, you will select your courses, except electives, by selecting a pre-set schedule. If you are a P/J candidate, you must select your courses from one of our Professional Program On-Site Delivery (PPOD) schedules while I/S candidates must choose one of our Regular Schedules according to your two teaching subjects.

Note: All of our professional programs require you to approach your course work as well as your practicum in a professional and responsible manner. Throughout your program, you must maintain full-time attendance; failure to meet this requirement may result in a failed grade, which can result in a failed year

Common Core Courses

Every teacher candidate in a Two-Year BEd Professional Program must complete a specific set of common core courses. Common core courses will help you to develop the foundational knowledge and skills that are necessary to teach. These courses will also give you the chance to establish your own teaching methods through your in-class practicum. For a list of our common core courses, click the following:

Note: Common core courses include EDUC 4398 and EDUC 4498, which make up your in-class practicum

Curriculum & Instruction Courses

As part of your Two-Year BEd Professional Program, you must also complete curriculum and instruction courses that will prepare you to teach certain subjects and learners. These division-specific courses will help you to teach the required curriculum and advance your teaching abilities either in a wide range of subjects (P/J) or in your teachables (I/S). For more information about your division’s specific course requirements, click the following:

Elective Courses

Our elective courses will help you to tailor your education to your teaching interests. The number of electives that you can take depends on your division. For an updated list of all available electives please view the timetable online

Admission Requirements

To enter a Two-Year BEd Professional Program you must meet certain academic and non-academic requirements.

Academic Prerequisites

To enter a Two-Year BEd Professional Program, you must meet the following academic requirements:

  • You must have completed, or expect to complete, an acceptable undergraduate degree from a recognized university
  • You must have a course background that supports your chosen teaching division and subjects
    • Preference will be given to students with a minimum average of 70% in his or her last 10 undergraduate degree level full course equivalents

For more information about our program’s academic prerequisites, please see our Admission & Application Information page and Requirements for Admission to Undergraduate Degree Programs page.

Non-Academic Prerequisites

To be eligible to participate in a Two-Year BEd Professional Program, you must complete and then submit the following:

For more information about our non-academic prerequisites such as specific details as well as where to submit them, click the above.