Concurrent Education Programs

Our concurrent education programs give you the opportunity to earn a Bachelor of Education degree (BEd) as well as an Honours Bachelor or Bachelor degree in a partnering discipline. These programs will help you to learn important subject-matter knowledge and also earn the qualifications that are necessary to teach in the Primary/Junior (P/J) division.

To complete a concurrent education program at Lakehead Orillia, you must first earn your Honours Bachelor or Bachelor degree; this degree will help you to learn important knowledge that makes up the Ontario curriculum. After your initial degree, you will then enter our two-year professional degree program where you will work to obtain your BEd and establish the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to teach.

Concurrent Education Programs in Orillia

We offer the following concurrent education programs at Lakehead Orillia. Each program is available in the P/J division and allows you to complete an Honours Bachelor or Bachelor degree and a BEd:

Note: To apply to graduate studies, many disciplines require you to have an Honours Bachelor degree in your field of study