Associate Teacher Resources

As an associate teacher, you are an essential part of a teacher candidate’s development and success. Your mentoring will help teacher candidates to develop their abilities and to understand the professional requirements of being a teacher. The following resources will help you to understand your role as well as your responsibilities as an associate teacher.

For a complete overview of the practicum experience and to access the Associate Teacher Student Assessment site, see the following

Assessment Process

Throughout your associate teacher experience, you will help to mentor a teacher candidate from a novice to a fledgling teacher. As part of this process, you will also be responsible for assessing the teacher candidate’s abilities and progress; these assessments include the following:

Formative Assessment

The formative assessment is a chance for you to review the teacher candidate’s progress as well as a chance for you to identify, with the teacher candidate, some areas where he or she can potentially improve.

  • At the end of each placement’s third week, you will independently complete an online formative assessment
  • Also, at the end of the third week, the teacher candidate will complete a formative self-assessment
  • Once both online assessments are complete, you will discuss, with the teacher candidate, his or her self-assessment. You will also collaboratively complete “The Growth Plan” to identify the most significant areas for teacher candidate growth
  • Once you complete your formative assessment as well as review the teacher candidate’s self-assessment, you both must submit your respective assessments
  • Once submitted, the faculty advisor, the teacher candidate, and yourself will receive a copy

Note: We will send you, the associate teacher, the necessary information for the online formative assessment

Summative Assessment

The summative assessment allows you to review the teacher candidate’s progress between the formative assessment and the end of the placement.

  • At the end of each placement’s fifth week, you will complete and then submit an online summative assessment, which reflects the teacher candidate’s progress from the formative assessment’s “Growth Plan” to the end of the placement
  • After you complete the summative assessment, you will then discuss the results with the teacher candidate
  • Once you submit the assessment, the teacher candidate receives the results electronically
  • Once you complete and submit the assessment, the teacher candidate cannot contact you regarding the assessment