Teach Indigenous Languages (Ojibwe, Cree, Oji-Cree)


Anishinaabemowik is an umbrella for Indigenous language programs. Situated within Keewatinase Department of Indigenous Education, we support Indigenous languages regionally and nationally. Our programs contribute to language revitalization through several teacher education programs and Indigenous language courses.

Indigenous Language Teacher Diploma (ILTD)

The Indigenous Language Teacher Diploma (ILTD) program provides fluent speakers of Algonquian languages (Ojibwe, Cree, Oji-Cree) with the skills and credentials to teach Native Language as a Second Language in primary/secondary schools in Ontario. Upon successful completion of the ILTD program students will be recommended to the Ontario College of Teachers. The ILTD program has been providing fluent speakers an alternative path to teacher certification since 1981.

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Program Structure & Courses

Year 1

  • Algonquian 1212 Oral Algonquian Structure Part 1
  • Education 1351 NASL Methods Part 1
  • Education 1571 Introduction to Teaching
  • Education 0190 Student Teaching
  • Education 1311 Student teaching Part 1
  • Education 2330 Mental Health and Indigenous Education

 Year 2

  • Algonquian 1232 Oral Algonquian Structure Part 2
  • Education 1352 NASL Methods Part 2
  • Education 1572 The Development of the Child
  • Education 0290 Student Teaching
  • Education 1599 Reflection on Student Teaching
  • Education 2111 Student teaching Part 2
  • Education 2430 Education Research and Data Analysis

Year 3

  • Education 2213 Oral Algonquian Structure Part 3
  • Education 1353 NASL Methods Part 3
  • Education 1573 Current Issues in Native Language Education
  • Education 0390 Student Teaching
  • Education 1599 Reflection on Student Teaching
  • Education 3111 Student teaching Part 3
  • Education 2430 Technology as a Teaching and Learning Tool

 Year 4

Algonquian 2233 Oral Algonquian Structure Part 4
Education 1354 NASL Methods Part 4
Education 1574 Approaches to Bilingual Education
Education 1599 Reflection on Student Teaching

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Administrative Assistant
Anishinaabemowik- Indigenous Language Teacher’s Diploma
Faculty of Education, Lakehead University
Email: alp.admin.educ@lakeheadu.ca
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Program Coordinator
Anishinaabemowik-Indigenous Language Teacher’s Diploma
Faculty of Education, Lakehead University
Email: alp.coord.educ@lakeheadu.ca
Phone: (807) 343-8010 ext. 8003