Principal's Qualification Program (PQP) Courses


Equity and anti-oppression form the foundation of Lakehead University's Principal’s Qualification Program (PQP), which has recently been re-accredited by the Ontario College of Teachers. Our newly revised PQP centers an anti-oppressive approach to leadership in order to prepare experienced teachers for elementary and secondary school principalships in Ontario public and Catholic school boards.

Through two courses as well as a mandatory practicum, our PQP provides you with the foundational knowledge and skills to become a principal. Our flexible program centres anti-oppressive leadership as it explores the current political, economic, and social realities that affect schools and school communities, challenging you to address issues that are significant to students and schools.

For information about our PQP Part I and Part II courses as well as the Leadership Practicum, click the following links:

PQP Part I

PQP Part I introduces you to the fundamental aspects of leading and managing a school as an administrator. During this course, through an equity and anti-oppression framework, you will address the following topics:

  • The Role of the Principal
  • Leadership Frameworks
    • Anti-Racist, Anti-Colonial, and Anti-Oppressive Leadership Frameworks
    • The Ontario Leadership Framework
  • School Operations and the Legal Environment
    • Pertinent Legislation and Policy (including Special Education, French Language, First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Education, Health and Safety)
    • Human Rights, Equity, and Inclusion
    • Examining Streaming through Discipline
  • The Principal as Connected Leader
    • Developing a Vision
    • Supporting Indigenous Epistemologies
  • The Principal as Instructional Leader
    • The School Improvement Plan
    • School Council: Building Relationships
    • Community Collaboration
    • Communicating School Improvement and Achievement
  • The Principal as Mentor/Coach
    • The Power of Co-Learning
    • Linking SIP to Professional Learning Design
  • Legislation, Policy, and School Improvement
    • HR Practices and Policies
    • Teacher Performance Appraisal
    • Linking TPA to SIP
    • Leading in a Unionized Environment
  • Your Personal Philosophy of Education

This course involves coursework and the development and approval of your Leadership Practicum Proposal. PQP Part I is for experienced teachers who have an interest in becoming a school principal.

PQP Part II and Leadership Practicum

PQP Part II allows you to explore in more depth the theoretical and operational aspects of principalship. This course takes an anti-oppressive approach to focus on concepts such as leadership and program planning as well as the following topics:

  • Relationships and Personal Resources
    • Personal Resources and Balance
    • Examining Privilege
    • Inclusive and Equitable School Culture
    • Promoting Well-Being and Inclusivity
  • Setting Directions
    • Creating a Vision
    • Meeting the Truth and Reconciliation Commission's Calls to Action
    • Indigenous Governance and Reconciliation in Education
    • Equity Literacy and Streaming
  • Accountability and School Operations
    • Efficient Administrative Practices
    • Data Analysis
    • Legislative Duties as an Employer
  • Instructional Leadership
    • Data Informed Professional Learning
    • Equity in Hiring and in Behavioural Events
    • Assessment and Metrics of Success
    • Technology
  • Responsive Leadership
    • TPAs and Staff Strengths
    • Accountable Leadership
    • Personal Leadership Style

Once you complete PQP Part II, you will work to complete your Leadership Practicum. The Leadership Practicum is an educational leadership experience relating to the role of a principal or vice-principal with the support of a mentor.

For more information on the Leadership Practicum, including information on Practicum Extensions, please click here.

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