Supervisory Officer's Qualification Program - SOQP


Educational environments are dynamic and demanding systems which require constant critical reflection and leadership. This is achieved through shared accountability between educators, families, trustees, and various other stakeholders, led by a Supervisory Officer. These individuals have the distinctive position where they collectively empower fellow staff members and families, while also building secure, empowering climates.

Lakehead University’s Department of Professional Development in Education has collaborated with educational leaders to develop a Supervisory Officer’s Qualification Program (SOQP). This program prepares candidates to become exceptional leaders in their Public and Catholic Ontario school communities. With a strong focus on current trends and issues in the provincial context, Lakehead’s SOQ program employs innovative methodologies to give candidates a holistic worldview of various educational settings.

This program is unique in many ways:

  • Accelerated Program - Modules are scheduled in a manner in which the program can be completed within 8 months.
  • Adaptive Instruction - SOQP candidates can look forward to contemporary delivery of content that includes the use of social media and new technology.
  • Progressive Leadership - Modules are taught and designed by experienced leaders in education.
  • Personalized Learning - The modules are offered predominantly online for you to access anywhere, anytime.

Program Delivery

The SOQP program is composed of four modules and a supervised leadership practicum that is to be completed within five years of the initial start date. This academically rigorous program is intended to prepare candidates for recommendation to the Ontario College of Teachers for a Supervisory Officer’s Certificate.

Traditionally, the Supervisory Officer’s Qualification Program is offered in face-to-face modules during the Fall or Spring. Lakehead University understands the demands and time constraints of the modern educator, and we are committed to ensuring equal and equitable access to all teachers; regardless of their geographic context. As such, we are pleased to offer the Supervisory Officer’s Qualification Program fully online. Note: Module 1 has a required online synchronous component that is to be completed during the first two days of the course. 

Program Cost

Each of the four modules costs $1350, and the practicum $750, for a total cost of $6150. This fee is subject to change annually. Fees for each module are payable with our online registration system. Lakehead University will provide candidates with appropriate receipts for income tax purposes.

Since the modules are offered predominantly online, there is very little travel expense required of candidates (time away from family and work, hotels, transportation costs, air fare, meals).