National Survey of Student Engagement (NSSE)

The National Survey of Student Engagement is a survey of undergraduate students conducted at universities across Canada and the United States. The purpose of the survey is twofold: to measure the extent to which undergraduate students are engaged in their university experience and to measure what they gain from this experience.

The National Survey of Student Engagement was launched in 2000 and was originally developed to counter traditional institutional ranking systems that measure quality based on student selectivity and faculty credentials. Since its launch, NSSE has been used by nearly 1,200 institutions across Canada and the United States to measure various aspects of student learning. Starting in 2006, all publicly funded universities in Ontario agreed to participate in NSSE as part of a consortium. The year 2006 marks the first time that Lakehead University participated.

NSSE Quick Facts

  • Frequency: Every 3 years
  • Next Administration: 2017
  • Administration Period: February - March
  • Distribution Method: Web, with 4-5 direct e-mail contacts with students
  • Sample Size: All first-year undergraduates and All senior-year undergraduates

NSSE Summary results

(In 2013, NSSE launched its updated survey instrument. Benchmark results and highlights are now presented as one report.)

NSSE Benchmark Results

NSSE Executive Summary