Career Development for Students

Thank you for taking this time to discover how you can connect your students with valuable career development resources.

Employment is often a serious concern students experience throughout and following their studies. Looking to you as a role model in their field of interest, your students will likely appreciate any advice you can offer on this pertinent matter.    

Career Direction

Many students do not know what to do with their degree. We have developed the My Career Major page that provides students with some information on career paths. We also provide students with the opportunity to take a Career Interest Inventory test. This test gives students a clear picture of how their interests, learning, leadership and risk-taking styles link to various jobs, work settings, and career fields.

Finding a Job

Positions are posted daily on the Job Bank. We also administer the LU WSP and SWP programs in partnership with the office of Student Awards and Financial Aid. These programs are designed to create opportunities for students to work on campus and develop their skill set. Please encourage your students to visit the Job Bank.

Documenting their Experience

Often students are unsure as to how to document their experience on their resumes. Many have taken part in extracurricular and/or academic activities and need assistance formatting these activities on their resume. Encourage your students to have our professional staff critique their cover letter and resume. One on one appointments are scheduled after a Career Officer critiques the resume. After sitting down with a Career Officer, your students might learn that they are on the right track or thatmore is needed on their applications.

Connecting to Employers

We host many recruiting events such as Career Fair and Education Fair. We also plan employer recruitment information sessions. Advise your students to check their Lakehead University email and read alerts from Career Services. If you get contacted by an employer that wants to recruit our students, please have them contact us at (807) 343-8264 or We would be pleased to assist you.


Often students have not had the opportunity to go on many interviews.Your students are encouraged to book an appointment with a Career Officer for assistance preparing for an interview. We also coach students on topics related to professionalism and appropriate behaviours when interacting with employers.