Brand Guidelines

About the Lakehead Brand

The Lakehead University Brand Guidelines is a tool that demonstrates the consistent expression of the Lakehead University brand.

When the Lakehead University brand is expressed consistently, it reinforces the universally accepted value of Lakehead University. Adhering to the Brand Guide Book is absolutely essential.

The Brand Guidelines are not intended to limit creativity. It empowers communicators to deliver unique messages in a manner that reinforces what the Lakehead University brand stands for. It will provide guidance for the correct use of graphic elements such as the corporate and unit identities, colour system, fonts, etc.

If you require clarification or would like to request any of the Lakehead Brand resources, please contact the Communications and Marketing Associate.

Download the Lakehead University Brand Guidelines

Corporate Identity

The Lakehead University Corporate Identity is derived from the Lakehead University Coat-of-Arms. Central to the design are the waves, book, and sun as symbols of proximity to water, knowledge, and enlightenment. The Lakehead University Corporate Identity is to be used on branded merchandise, signage, communications, and marketing.

The consistent use of the Shield in all of Lakehead materials will portray academic credibility to all audiences.

If you require the Corporate Identity, please contact the Communications and Marketing Associate.

Lakehead University logo


Lakehead University shield          Lakehead University wordmark 

Colour Options

There are three options for the Lakehead University Corporate Identity; full colour, full colour on a dark background and one-colour, including black, reverse, colbalt, etc. Use one of the following logos. The specifications below also refer to reverse-colour printing situations, where the Corporate Identity must stand out in a black or dark single-colour field.

Lakehead University logo in full colour black and white and on a full colour background


Colour Options for Dark Backgrounds

Occasions will arise when the logo will need to be reproduced on a dark background. A version of the corporate identity has been produced to ensure proper reproduction in these instances. You will notice a shift from the non-reverse version of the logo in the wave pattern. Please ensure the background is dark enough to provide the necessary contrast.

Lakehead logo on a blue background 

Use of Shield Alone

The Lakehead University Shield may be used independently of the Wordmark. The Shield itself is a strong symbol of not only Lakehead University but of tradition and academia. Within the context of a clearly branded marketing product the Shield can be used as a graphic element and icon of Lakehead University.

Lakehead University shield colour options



Clearance and Size Restrictions

The Corporate Identity must be located within a mandatory free and clear area around the top, bottom, and sides. This safety area ensures that the Lakehead University Corporate Identity is always seen with optimum clarity and is not compromised by other graphic elements. The logo must be surrounded by white space, no less than the space of a lower case “a” on all four sides.

The clearance area around the Lakehead University logo

The Lakehead University Corporate Identity is made up of a number of graphic elements that must be reproduced at a minimum size of 3 cm or 1.18 inches on a horizontal plane for optimal legibility.

The Lakehead University logo should be no smaller than 3 cm or 1.18 inches


Usage Guidelines

The Lakehead University Corporate Identity may not be altered in any way. 

Do not alter the Lakehead University logo 


Unit Identity

Lakehead University unit identities


Faculty, school, department, office, or centre names within Lakehead University shall always be expressed in a consistent manner. They are positioned to the right of the vertical key line.

Name uses a single line

The baseline of the Faculty name must align horizontally with “Lakehead.”

Name requires two lines

The baseline of the first line of the Faculty name must align with “Lakehead.” The baseline of the second line of the Faculty name must align with “University.”

Prominence of Faculty, School, Department, Office, or Centre

The academic name of each Faculty is more prominent than the words “Faculty of.” Unit Identities have been designed to give prominence to each academic department. 

Colour Options

The unit identities may be reproduced in black, reverse, or the colour option for dark backgrounds.

If you require a unit identity for your Faculty, School, Department, Office, or Centre, please contact the Communications and Marketing Associate.

Tag Line

The Lakehead University tag line is presented in a way that expresses contrast between the words: Exceptional and Unconventional. The treatment variables include setting both words at the same size, or increasing the size of Exceptional so that it stacks uniformly giving Exceptional and Unconventional the same width.

The colours and/or tones of each word should be treated differently so as to heighten the contrast. This is true even in a one-colour environment where a tone or screen can be used in conjunction with a 100% value.

The tag line is to be used on communication tools related to marketing, recruitment, and spirit.

If you require the Tag Line, please contact the Communications and Marketing Associate.

The Lakehead University tagline



The Lakehead University Corporate color palette is based on a core set of colours.

The colour system reflects an academic, rich, and dynamic Lakehead. Blaze and Cobalt will be the primary corporate colour, a nod to our history that is reinforced in every communication.

Blaze (C0, M25, Y100, K0) and Cobalt (C100, M60, Y0, K30) will be the Primary colours used in all communication and the Secondary and Tertiary colours are used only as accent colours. 

Crimson (C10, M100, Y100, K10) is our secondary palette member, also found in Lakehead’s past (see Lakehead Coat-of-Arms) and should be used as an accent colour only. Laurel (C20, M0, Y100, K30), Amethyst (C75, M100, Y0, K5), and Thunderwolf (C0, M0, Y0, K40) are the tertiary colours in the palette which add depth and range, and like Crimson, should be used as accent colours.

All colours have deep and passionate intensity but may also be used as percentages.

Corporate colour palette


Lakehead University has three brand fonts: Trade Gothic, Georgia, and Arial. Trade Gothic is a licensed font. Arial is an excellent font for making accessible documents.

Photography Style

Photography is a powerful way to convey the Lakehead University brand. Lakehead photography must feature people in a dynamic, experiential environment that conveys an exceptional and unconventional approach to learning. The individuals should be shot in an inspiring and informal way and should be obviously engaged in what they are learning, or have learned. 

For access to the Lakehead University image gallery contact the Communications, Marketing and Web Development Department at

Brand Architecture

Lakehead’s brand architecture consists of five brand classifications. Each typology has visual guidelines that will help clarify Lakehead’s diverse composition.

 Coat of Arms & Corporate IdentityUnit IdentityAlumni Co-brand Athletics BrandIndependent Brand
Typography and Type Style
- Trade Gothic
- Georgia
✔ ✔  ✔ ✔ *
Photography ✔✔  ✔ * x
- Primary
- Tertiary
✔  ✔ ✔ * x
 Brand Voice ✔ ✔ ✔ ✔ x
 Tag Line ✔✔  * * x
   Required to use - * Not Required, but can be used - x Cannot use