The Lakehead Brand

About the Brand

Our brand allows Lakehead University to define its unique value in a tangible way. 

Tag Line

Exceptional. Unconventional. 

The Lakehead University tag line is based on extensive research and captures the essence of what makes Lakehead and Lakehead students unique and valued. It is presented in a way that expresses contrast between the words: Exceptional and Unconventional. The treatment variables include setting both words at the same size, or increasing the size of Exceptional so that it stacks uniformly giving Exceptional and Unconventional the same width.

Key Messages

Lakehead University offers a greater likelihood of success.
Our small class sizes enable faculty to pay personal attention to students, and provide mentorship and individual academic experiences.

Lakehead University is a source of unconventional scholarship.
The University is highly successful in winning research grants. Lakehead University research is interdisciplinary, community-based, and often involves undergraduate students. Lakehead is valued for taking an unconventional approach to research, in many cases by looking beyond traditional research partners

Lakehead University fosters independent thinking.
At Lakehead University, individuals are celebrated. We teach critical thinking and instill a passion for learning.

Lakehead University holds potential over credential.
Students are able to access increased opportunities for a university education and are able to realize their dreams. Lakehead University sees potential beyond entrance averages and other traditional measures.

The Brand Voice

Those who join the Lakehead University community have a strong vision and a fierce determination to achieve it. Lakehead University encourages individuals to develop, foster, and realize their unique ambitions in ways that are as individual as they are. Lakehead University is a community of individuals who are united in their aim to serve the common good. The brand voice, therefore, must project and amplify the individuality, imagination, commitment, and sense of determination that its community embodies.

Creative for communications, marketing, and advertising should inspire and celebrate the sense of vision and spirit of achievement in exceptional and unconventional learning environments. Concepts and copy should acknowledge the spirit of individualism that unites with other like-minded people. Concepts should feature dominant, compelling, and unique photography and use concise and inspiring language.

When one experiences the Lakehead University brand voice, one should feel inspired to get up and do something extraordinary.