Professional Program On-Site Delivery (PPOD) Information

Our Professional Program On-Site Delivery (PPOD) schedule is a chance for you to practice and improve your teaching while simultaneously learning. During your PPOD experience, you will be part of a supportive learning community that works to master course content and to develop effective teaching practices in and out of the classroom.

Lakehead Thunder Bay’s PPOD schedule will prepare you to teach in the Primary/Junior (P/J) division. Once you complete a PPOD schedule, you will receive a Bachelor of Education degree (BEd), a Literacy Coaching Certificate, and we will recommend you to the Ontario College of Teachers (OCT) for certification to teach in Ontario.

Note: All Primary/Junior (P/J) teacher candidates must participate in a PPOD schedule; however, we do not offer PPOD schedules as part of our Intermediate/Senior (I/S) programs. All other teacher candidates must register into a set schedule, which we will send to you using your Lakehead email.

What is the PPOD Schedule?

Our PPOD schedule is a unique and innovative way to learn; this school-based method groups you with other teacher candidates and professors to form a pod. With your PPOD pod, you will complete certain Education courses at an off-campus site, such as a partnering school, as well as work with students to practice your teaching.

PPOD schedules are also an opportunity for you to create professional and personal relationships with your fellow teacher candidates. During your BEd program, you will complete many of your courses with your PPOD pod; this familiarity will help you to establish professional connections that can benefit you throughout your teaching career.

How do I complete a PPOD Schedule?

To complete a PPOD schedule you must complete a combination of on-campus courses as well as off-campus, PPOD courses and in-class teaching. Your program’s length will affect your PPOD schedule. For more information, see the following:

Two-Year Bachelor Of Education Degree Candidates (P/J Only)

To receive your BEd as part of a PPOD schedule, you must complete the following courses at an off-campus location in addition to all of your on-campus courses:

Professional Program, Year One

  • EDUC 4350: Planning and Evaluation and Classroom Management Part 1 (common core course) 
  • EDUC 4031: Curriculum & Instruction in Language Arts (P/J) Part 1 or EDUC 4032: Curriculum & Instruction in Mathematics (P/J) Part 1
  • EDUC 4371: The Practice of Inclusive Education Part 1 (common core course)
  • EDUC 4398: Student Teaching Part 1 (common core course)

For more information about your program’s course requirements, see our Course Calendar.

How do I register in a PPOD Schedule?

All P/J and teacher candidates must participate in a PPOD schedule. Before you begin your BEd program, we will send all of our PPOD schedules to you; you will then select and register for a PPOD schedule that best meets your needs. Each PPOD schedule is subject to a limited number of registration spots; once a PPOD schedule is full, you will need to select a different offering.

Note: We will send all PPOD information to you using your Lakehead University email account.

What are the benefits of a PPOD?

Seamless Learning

This delivery method will allow you to seamlessly develop your knowledge as well as advance your professional abilities in a classroom setting. By completing coursework and teaching students in an in-class environment, our PPOD stream will help you to gain the knowledge and experience that is necessary to become a successful teacher.

School Community

Our PPOD stream will also give you the opportunity to become involved in all aspects of a school community. During your PPOD experience, you will have the chance to immerse yourself in the rituals and routines of working schools and professional educators; many teacher candidates will have the option to participate in extra-curricular activities such as coaching or clubs.

In-Class Experience

As part of your PPOD stream, you will have the chance to interact with students and practice your teaching through activities such as literacy coaching. By working with students, you will build your teaching skills and gain important confidence.