Dr. Ruth Beatty Receives Award for “Exceptional and Creative Teaching in Post-Secondary Mathematics Education"

Dr. Ruth Beatty (Associate Professor, Orillia) has been awarded the Ontario Association for Mathematics Education (OAME) 2024 award for Exceptional and Creative Teaching in Post-Secondary Mathematics. This award recognizes “a post-secondary educator who demonstrates excellence in mathematics education, contributes to the overall development of students, and demonstrates leadership in the mathematics education community” (OAME).

Ruth was nominated for the award by one of her longstanding research partners. The award nomination letter indicated that many of the projects that Ruth has collaboratively facilitated (including the Connecting Indigenous Knowledge and Western Mathematical Ways of Knowing research and resulting First Nations and Métis Math Voices Project, as well as the Wiidookaadying Gikinoomaagewin: Gindaaswin Kendaaswin - Relationships & Reciprocity: Indigenous Mathematics Education Conference) have been deeply influential and transformative on the practices of mathematics educators, schools, and boards of education:

“Ruth’s work has influenced shifts in research methods and practices, as well as the teaching and learning of Mathematics in countless classrooms across Ontario, by emphasizing ethical relationality and centering instruction and the learning of mathematics through Indigenous culture.… She is a leader who leads from beside or behind, by recognizing and nurturing the strength, talents and knowledge of those around her.”

It was further noted that “Ruth has a unique gift for engaging others in the wonder and rigor of mathematics. She inspires all to embrace their inner mathematician and to connect meaningfully and deeply with mathematics through their lived experience, community and culture. Relationships are at the heart of all that Ruth does and are the means through which she serves as a catalyst for change in an ongoing pursuit for excellence, respect and dignity in mathematics, research, teaching and learning.”

Ruth will be formally recognized at the annual Ontario Association for Mathematics Education Conference, held in Kingston in May 2024. She will be further honoured in an article in the September Gazette (a publication of OAME), and on the OAME website.

Congratulations, Ruth!