Introducing: The Lakehead Alumni Business Directory!

Lakehead Market Alumni Business Directory

Looking for a way to support your fellow alumni?

Our new Alumni Business Directory will feature a variety of businesses owned or operated by Lakehead University grads! You’ll be able to search for a business or service near you and be on the lookout for places where special discounts will be offered!

We are now accepting applications from businesses which will be reviewed and posted at the discretion of Lakehead University’s Alumni House. Listings on this page do not represent official endorsements and may be removed by Alumni House at any time. See our F.A.Q. section for more information.

Are you a Lakehead alumni who owns a business?  Add yours to our Directory!

Frequently Asked Questions 

What type of business qualifies to be included in the Directory?
A business that is owned or operated by a Lakehead alumnus but is not offering services that are in direct competition with our preferred partners, TD Canada Trust and MBNA.
Does the business have to be owned by a Lakehead University Alumni to qualify?
The business being entered into the directory have to be owned or operated (ie. CEO, President, etc. ) by an alumnus of Lakehead University.
Why aren’t submissions automatically added to the Directory?
Submissions to the directory have to go through a few steps prior to being added to the directory website. We verify that the business is owned by an alumni. During this process we also ensure that the business aligns with the policies and missions of Lakehead University.
Is Lakehead University and/or Alumni House providing financial support to businesses on this page?
No. This is a compiled list of alumni businesses for the benefit of the Lakehead alumni community. Lakehead is not be providing financial support or endorsements of these businesses.
How can I add my business to the Directory?
Please fill out the Lakehead University Business Directory form. (linked)
How will the business information provided be used?
Information provided through the directory will be used to update the information within the University. In addition, there is a possibility that businesses added to the directory could be highlighted on Lakehead University’s social media pages and websites, as well as our alumni magazine, Journey.
I’d like to add a discount for any Lakehead alumni.  How can I share that?
If you would like to add a discount code you can add this information near the bottom of the form. If at anytime you would like to remove or update the discount, please email and we will remove and/or update the information.
Please keep in mind, that although this page is intended for alumni, the page is not private and can be found publicly. This means that the discount code would be accessible to the public.



  1. Use of Alumni names and logos may not be used by external businesses without written permission
  2. Applications are reviewed and posted at the discretion of Lakehead University. Listings in our directory do not correspond to the businesses Lakehead has direct affiliation with and does not represent official endorsement. Businesses may be removed by Lakehead University at any time.
  3. Participating businesses may be shared on the Lakehead directory website, on the LU Alumni website and on social media platforms.
  4. Lakehead University Alumni Association reserves the right to refuse any businesses to the directory and/or associated images, symbols, or logos for any reason at any given time. Lakehead has the right to remove content that goes against policies and values of the institution and/or we determine information comes across as offensive, threatening or violates any party’s intellectual property. All information that is submitted through the business directory can and will be monitored.