The Resiliency Project

About The Resiliency Project

The Resiliency Project

In January 2024, the Alumni Association launched The Resiliency Project, extending a warm welcome to all students and graduates! This platform serves as a dedicated safe space for mental health discussions, fostering connections, and actively participating in events. Come and join us!

Explore the Server

Here are some things to check out in the server!

Alumni Zone: information about the Alumni Association, benefits of being alum, and how to get an alumni benefits card

Upcoming Events: any upcoming Lakehead University events will be posted here!

Weekly Content: every Sunday a new theme of the week will be announced relating to a mental health topic

Worksheets: posted every Monday based on the topic of the week

Articles: posted every Tuesday based on the topic of the week

Apps/Games: posted every Wednesday based on the topic of the week

Book Recs: posted every Thursday based on the topic of the week

TV/Movie Recs: posted every Friday based on the topic of the week

Introduce Yourself: completely optional but feel free, prompts are in the Introduce Yourself channel

Hobby Corner: create posts and discuss hobbies

Discussions: a safe space for mental health discussions

Vent Time: a safe space for venting (please use content/trigger warnings!)

Productivity: manage to-do lists and stay on track with tasks

Fitness Centre: sign up with one of our fitness bots, track progress, create work out plans

Med Reminders: medication reminders pop up in this channel daily

We're excited to have you here, and we can't wait to get to know you better. Enjoy your stay!