Located in the main entrance corridor of the Residence, the Front Desk provides convenient services to assist all residents with general questions and concerns.

Front Desk Hours of Operation 

Day(s) of the WeekOperation Hours
Monday to Friday8:00 a.m.  - 11:00 p.m
Saturday and Sunday and Holidays12:00 pm - 4:00 pm. Holiday hours may vary.

Available Front Desk Services by category

1. Parcels, Letters & Snail Mail

Your Residence Mailing Address

When having letters and parcels sent to Lakehead University, do not include your student number, your phone number, your Residence House or room number.  To ensure delivery and avoid delay, your mail should be addressed in the following manner:

Your Name
c/o Lakehead University Residence

500 University Avenue
Orillia, ON
L3V 0B9

Where to Pick up Your Mail

Students will pick their mail at the front desk. Students will receive an email from the Residence Front Desk ( notifying them that they have mail.  Please go to the Residence Front Desk with your Lakehead University student ID card to claim your mail.   

Outgoing Letter Mail, Packages & Parcels 

Outgoing letter mail with postage affixed, may be dropped off at the Residence Front Desk.

For outgoing packages, parcels or other special mailing requirements, students can call Purolator or Canada Post for the nearest shipping facility.

2. Cleaning and Maintaining Your Space

Garbage and Recycling

Students are provided with a garbage can and recycling container in their room upon arrival. Students are required to provide their own garbage bags. Students are required to bring garbage and recycling from their room to dumpster and bins outside Residence.


Students are able to sign out vacuums from the front desk. 


Laundry facilities are provided in all residences. Students will receive a laundry card on move-in-day. Detailed instructions for "loading" the card will be sent via email to each resident. 

The laundry machines are operated by a pre-loaded declining balance card. Students will upload funds onto their card from their computer or smartphone and then activate the funds on the card by using the activation box located in the lobby on the first floor.

Please note that the use of the laundry facilities are at your own risk.  The Department of Residence will not be responsible for damaged, stolen or lost articles of clothing.  Any items left abandoned in laundry rooms will be removed and placed in the Residence lost and found at the Residence Front Desk.

Detergent must be supplied by residents.  

Please notify the Residence Front Desk of any malfunctioning washers and dryers.

Light Bulb Replacements 

Standard Bulbs/ CFL Bulbs / Fluorescent Tube Lights
Please do not remove any bulbs/lights from your room.  Simply fill out a Maintenance Request Order online or at the Front Desk and a member of the Housekeeping staff will come in and replace it for you.

Decorating your room

Students may decorate their rooms according to their taste.  However, painting, wallpapering, graffiti, and structural changes are not permitted.  Items such as posters, and pictures are common.

If you choose to hang something on a wall, you must ensure that posters and pictures are hung with materials that will not damage surfaces.  Nails, tacks, and tape are not permitted for hanging things because of the the damage they create to paint, walls, wood surfaces and furniture.  Please use white non-marking putty to hang items.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs, even the suspicion of, requires immediate action by all those who are involved to ensure they are dealt with completely. 


In the event you suspect bed bugs, please ensure the following is complied with:

1. Any resident /staff who suspects bed bugs should immediately report the concern to Residence Services by notifying the Residence Front Desk in person. After hours, Security will notify the On Call RLC (Academic Season) or the On Call Designate (Non-Academic Season).

2. The Manager of Residence and Conference Services or appropriate designate will meet with the residents affected to review the following information (within 24 hours):

a) Bed bugs are not a health threat and have not been shown to spread disease.

b) Residents are advised to attend Student Health Services for an assessment and treatment (itching or irritation associated with bug bites.)

c) Advise the resident that their cooperation is imperative in us being able to successfully eradicate the problem and control it from spreading.

d) Within 24 hours a certified Pest Control Technician will inspect the room and begin treatments. 

e) Provide Student Responsibility to the resident.

f) In some cases the Manager of Residence and Conference Services or appropriate designate will meet with the adjoining occupants and arrange inspection to ensure the problem is limited to the reported area.

Student Responsibility

1. Report possible bed bug concern as soon as possible


3. Place all clothing and bedding including pillows or any other items made of material in large plastic bags (supplied by Residence Front Desk.)  Label the bags “dirty” and tie off the bags to take to the laundry room.  Wash and dry everything.

4. Note: Clean items do not need to be washed but should be put in the dryer on high heat for a minimum of twenty (20) minutes.  This will kill any bugs.

5. Clean up general clutter from around room and leave all suitcases and bags (backpacks, handbags, book bags, etc.) open on the floor as these will be sprayed as well.

6. All corrugated cardboard should be discarded directly to the cardboard recycling bins outside around residence.

7. Ensure all dresser drawers, desk drawers, closets and bed drawers are emptied and left open for spraying.

8. Once items have been washed it is very important that all items be placed in clean plastic bags and that the bags used previously are thrown out.  Label these bags as “clean.”

9. Do not put bags back in the room or on the bed until the room has been treated.

10. The resident will vacate the room for the necessary time to complete treatment. (Approximately 6 hours.)

11. Residents are responsible for laundry costs. Residence does not reimburse students for any costs associated with bedbugs and/or preparation for treatment. 

12. Residents may be held responsible for costs of eradication should the previous responsibilities not be fulfilled.

3. Room Keys

Room Lock Outs

For security and safety reasons, all Residence doors should be locked at all times.  If you find yourself locked out of your room during regular office hours, please go to the Residence Front Desk to sign out a temporary lock-out key card.  Lakehead University student identification will be required to obtain the lock-out key. There is a $2.00 charge for each lock-out. 

If you are locked out after Front Desk has closed, please call Security Services (ext. 2009) for the Resident Assistant on duty to let you into your room.

Lost Keys

Each resident will receive their own room key card upon check-in.  Please note that the duplication and lending of keys is not permitted.

For security reasons any lost keys must be reported immediately to the Residence Front Desk.  You will be issued a temporary key.  If you do not find your key after one week (or if you feel that someone may have stolen your keys), you will be issued a new permanent key and charged an administration fee.

Any student who has lost their key (student card) will be charged a $15.00 fee per student ID at the bookstore.

Any student who has lost their temporary room key will be charged $15.00 per key. 

 4. Other Services for your convenience

Recreational Area and Equipment Sign Out 

The Front Desk provides sign out for the following items:

  • Movies

  • Recreational equipment (Frisbee, football, soccer ball, etc.)

  • Irons/Boards, vacuums, ect. 

Any recreational equipment and entertainment items sign out may be pre-booked or arranged on a drop-in basis.  However, sign-out requests that have been pre-booked by a group will take precedent over individual drop-in sign-out requests.  Please see the Residence Front Desk for details.

Vending Machines 

For light snacks, vending machines are located in the Residence Lobby. Please notify the Residence Front Desk of any malfunctioning vending machines.  All refund requests for vending machine malfunction should be made directly to the cafeteria manager.  

  • Recreational Area and Equipment Sign-Out
  • Vending Machines

5. Place a Work Order 

Place a work order
What are Work Orders?

A work order is a request or notice to have maintenance completed in a residence room, house and/or common area. Work orders are online. Please be as specific as possible when submitting your work orders.  Note: when you complete a work order for a repair in your room, you are granting residence staff permission to enter your room for the purpose of making the requested repair.

Procedures for Residence Room Work Orders

Every effort will be made to notify students a minimum of 24 hours in advance should maintenance personnel need to access their respective rooms. However, Residence reserves the right to enter rooms should the associated repair need immediate attention.

Please note that during the winter break, maintenance inspections will be carried out throughout all of the residence buildings with staff members/maintenance personnel entering all rooms.

Work Orders for Common/Lounge Areas

Do not assume that someone else has already submitted a work order for repairs in a lounge or common area. If you notice work that needs to done in either of these areas, please submit a work order.

Place a work order

Examples of When a Work Order is Needed 
  • clogged toilet(s)
  • plugged sink(s)
  • leaking fridge(s)
  • malfunctioning or inoperative stove(s)/oven(s)
  • empty or near empty soap or toilet paper in the public washrooms
  • malfunctioning or inoperative vacuum(s)
  • desk drawer(s) that do not slide properly
  • broken chair(s)
  • burnt out light bulb(s) in a lounge area
  • door(s) that do not close properly
  • inoperative or sticky locks
  • area(s) that require sand or salt
  • a cleanup of vomit on a stair well
  • washer/dryer issues
  • cable/internet/telephone problems

Place a work order


Place a work order

Any concerns regarding work orders are to be directed to the Residence Front Desk:
email or call extension 3030