Orillia Residence Rates

2022-2023 Rates 

Residence Rates 2022-2023


Single with Shared Washroom & 5 Day Meal Plan

Single with Shared Washroom & 7 Day Meal Plan

Room and Meal Plan Charges



Activity Fee







Residence Schedule of Fee Payments 


Single with Shared Washroom and 5 Day Meal Plan

Single with Shared Washroom and 7 Day Meal Plan

Down Payment Due With Contract



1st Installment
Due August 15, 2022



2nd Installment
Due December 15, 2022



Special Notations

Please be advised that:

1)  If your discipline requires you to start before the first day of the Residence Contract (September 1, 2022), or stay past the last day of the Residence Contract (April 25, 2023) there will be a charge of $30.00 per day effective the day you sign for your keys.   

2)  A late payment fee will be charged for each missed due date.  (Please refer to Tuition Fees - Payment Due Dates)

The Residence Contract Dates are as follows:
Fall Term - September 1, 2022 to December 19, 2022
Winter Term - January 7, 2023 to April 25, 2023

Income Tax Information

For Income tax purposes, students in Residence do not pay taxes on their Residence fees as the University Residences are on tax-exempt land. On Line 6114 (Student Residences) on your income tax form, you can claim $25 as your occupancy cost for the part of the year you lived in Residence.  You do not need to have proof of Residence or tax receipts for residence fee payment.


The Department of Residence does not provide receipts. If you are filing either a paper or an electronic income tax return, you do not need to include receipts with your return.