University Seminar Course (UNIV 1016)


Through a partnership between the Teaching Commons, Student Affairs and the Faculty of Social Sciences & Humanities, a University Seminar course (UNIV 1016) will be offered to new undergraduate students.

The University Seminar course will provide new students with an opportunity to further build their academic skills and confidence for a successful transition to university studies before their courses begin in the Fall.

What is the University Seminar course?

  • The University Seminar course (UNIV 1016) is a small, discussion-based course that provides a great introduction to basic academic skills, such as writing, research, citations, effective study skills and learning strategies, which will be useful to  students no matter their field of study.
  • It will help students develop the skills and confidence needed to be successful at university before the rest of their courses begin.
  • Using a multi-disciplinary approach, students will discuss, research and exchange perspectives on a real-world, and current topic. Learn how to form arguments, support them with facts, learn to communicate effectively, and share differences of opinion in constructive ways and more.
  • Small class size (capped at 30 students) provides students with a supportive, interactive and engaging learning environment. Great opportunity to interact with classmates and the instructor.

How it Works

  • Students will take the course online using Lakehead University’s myCourselink. The course will be self-paced allowing them to access the course material when it is best for their schedule. There will also be times where students will connect with the instructor and other classmates virtually at set dates and times.
  • The course is a for-credit course worth a half credit (0.5 FCE). Depending on the student’s program of study, they may be able to use this course to fulfill a first-year elective requirement, or possibly a second-year elective requirement. This will enable students to take one less course during the Fall (September) or Winter (January) term. Ideally, students would lessen their course load in the Fall term.
  • Academic advising, through Student Central will be available to help assist students on how best to plan their course registration if they are taking the University Seminar course.


  • This course will have no additional tuition associated with it. The tuition you pay for your Fall/Winter academic year will cover the cost of this course.
  • If your registration for fall/winter changes and you no longer enroll at Lakehead, you will be required to pay the tuition for this course (0.5 FCE) based on the program in which you were originally enrolled.

Course Registration 

  • If you haven’t already done so, you must accept your Offer of Admission first.
  • Students will be able to register for this course on their own when course registration opens. For more information on how to register for courses, please click here.