mySupport: A Student Success Program

MySupport Program Logo with Find your pathway text, and the image is of a path in the woods with  5 destination markers: MyStart, MyGoals, MyStudies, MyCareer, and MyFuture. 
Find your pathway to student success. 


Are you looking to connect with resources at Lakehead, but don't know where to turn? The mySupport Program is here to connect you with the resources, tools, and support suited to your needs.


What is mySupport?

mySupport is the first point of contact for any concerns or questions you may have regarding your studies, career options, mental health, social life, and so much more. As a centralized access point, the mySupport Team will help you navigate where to find the appropriate resources at every stage of your journey at Lakehead. The Team will also check-in with you periodically to ensure you’re receiving the assistance you need, and determine if those needs have changed over time.

The Program can connect you with any one of these resources:

  • Academic Skills Advising & Workshops
  • Writing Support and Tutoring
  • Career Advising & Workshops
  • Health & Wellness Support
  • Financial Support
  • Cultural Support
  • Accessibility Services & Accommodations


How can I connect with the mySupport team?

It's as easy as 1-2-3!

  1. Log into your myInfo account using your Lakehead username and password.
  2. On the navigation menu, click the Students option. Under the mySupport heading click  the mySupport Form.
  3. Complete the form and our mySupport Team will respond as soon possible.


 Questions? We're here to help! 

Please call or email us if you have any questions about the mySupport program!

Student Success Centre

“The path to success is different for everyone! If you don’t know where to turn, mySupport will help you get back on track - no matter where you are in your Lakehead journey.”