About Us

At the Student Success Centre, we strive to provide you with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed in your academics and your future professional career. We offer digital and print resources, workshops and events, and individual advising appointments to support your goals and help you to become a successful student. In Orillia, you can find the Student Success Centre in OR 1017. In Thunder Bay, you can find the Student Success Centre in the tunnels down the hall from the LUSU office (SC 0008).

The Academic Support Zone (ASZ) is pleased to offer free daily academic support to all students. Undergraduate group tutoring and writing assistance take place on a set weekday schedule in the ASZ. Outside of the times when academic supports are being offered, the Zone is an excellent place for quiet study and functions as a drop-in group project meeting space. Check us out in Orillia (OR 1013 - 1st floor residence building) or Thunder Bay (LI 2004 - 2nd floor of the Chancellor Paterson Library)!