Tutoring & Writing Support

The Academic Support Zone (LI 2004) is open Monday to Friday from 10:00am to 3:00pm to assist you with any Academic Support services you may need or have questions about. Please note that Tutoring Services and Writing Support appointments will be offered virtually through Zoom. You may access the link to each session via mySuccess

A tutor educating a student in a computer labTutoring is regular instruction or review aimed at students to help promote independence and academic success. Our tutors have content knowledge, a desire to help others, and a positive outlook. Tutors are not homework machines, miracle workers, or your instructor. Tutoring is a two-way street where you are required to play an active role in engaging with what you're learning. As a Lakehead University student, you can access tutoring in two ways:

  1. Lakehead University offers free group tutoring in major program areas for years 1-2 of many programs. This means that the tutor will be able to answer most questions from a variety of courses within a program area. Group tutoring is offered virtually through Zoom. You can access the link to each session via mySuccess.

  2. Students who want a course tutor or private tutoring can hire tutors from the Tutor Directory. Students make their own arrangements regarding the schedule and payment with the tutor. The Tutor Directory can be accessed at mysuccess.lakeheadu.ca


We are here to help you from the planning to the publishing stage of your assignment! We are not an editing service, but we are here to guide you! Our writing coaches can help with the following:

  • discover what you're trying to say and how to say it
  • develop an argument
  • structure of your paper
  • organization of ideas
  • proper referencing and citation and provide resources for you
  • self-editing skills

One-to-one writing support is available through the Academic Support Zone by booking an appointment online at mysuccess.lakeheadu.ca with a Writing Coach. It is best to book an appointment well in advance of a due date. Writing appointments are designed to teach you skills, not edit your paper, and you need time to apply what you've learned!

You can also access a variety of writing resources in our Resource Library.

The Academic Support Zone is where Lakehead's free academic supports take place. Everyone is welcome in the Zone. Outside of the times when academic supports are being offered, the Zone is an excellent place for quiet study. Stop by and check it out!

Thunder Bay - second floor of the Chancellor Patterson library (LI 2004)

Orillia - first floor of the Residence Building (OR 1013)