Orillia Orientation

Welcome to Lakehead

Welcome! This is your online orientation, which is designed to familiarize you with important details about your new journey at Lakehead University. Here, you can find anything from course registration, to financial aid, to what you can expect in residence.

International Students: Please visit our international student information pages

First Steps

Steps 1-4 are the things you should become familiar with as soon as you have accepted your offer. Click through them to learn important information about being a student at Lakehead University.

1. Know your Tools

Student getting help from a staff memberOrganizing your courses, finances, and correspondences can be overwhelming as a student. Don't worry if it takes some time to get used to. To be successful, become familiar with Lakehead University's online tools before you arrive:


myInfo is your Lakehead University student information portal. MyInfo is the place where you can perform a variety of functions related to your enrolment both as an applicant and as a student. Through MyInfo you can apply for bursaries, apply for residence, register for classes, view your class schedule, check your tuition fees and account balance, track your degree & program progress and so much more.


myEmail is your Lakehead University email account. The username and password to access MyEmail is the same as your MyInfo account. All communication from Lakehead University will be provided to you through your Lakehead email account. You must check this often and use it to correspond with Lakehead University personnel. Important information regarding registration, orientation, scholarships and bursaries, residence, upcoming events and more will be delivered to you using your Lakehead email account.


MySuccess is your student success portal and is operated by the Student Success Centre (SSC). The username and password to access MySuccess are the same as your MyInfo and MyEmail accounts. You can use this portal to book one-on-one appointments related to academic support and skills, writing support, career services, and co-operative education. In MySuccess you will find information regarding the tutoring schedule and can access the Lakehead University Job Bank and volunteer opportunities, see upcoming SSC events, sign up for leadership programs and workshops, and update your Lakehead Co-Curricular Record.


myCourseLink is Lakehead's online learning management system for your online courses and the online, web-based components for your on-campus courses. The username and password to access MyCourseLink are the same as your MyInfo and MyEmail accounts. Through MyCourselink you can access online course materials (e.g., syllabus, course readings, audio, and video material, etc.), take online tests and quizzes, participate in discussion forums and other communication tools, submit and retrieve assignments, view grades, and much more!

2. Registering for Courses

Registering for your university courses for the first time can feel like a daunting task - but don't worry! Follow these steps for success, and consider joining Fast Pass, which is a pre-orientation program designed to help you register for your courses.

Review the university academic calendar

Students asking questionsThe Academic Calendar contains information such as University, Faculty and Department regulations, program requirements and course descriptions, as well as the deadline to register in or leave a course You need to be aware of, and become familiar with all regulations that govern your academic program at Lakehead University. Knowing this information will be very useful in helping you succeed and continue with your program.Review your program requirements. To view your program requirements, go to the Programs & Faculties section of the University Academic Calendar. Select your Faculty followed by either Undergraduate Programs or Graduate Programs, depending upon what you have been admitted to. Next, find your specific program within that department in order to get a detailed description of all courses you will need to take to complete your program.

Review your program requirements

To view your program requirements, go to the Programs & Faculties section of the University Academic Calendar. Select your Faculty followed by either Undergraduate Programs or Graduate Programs, depending upon what you have been admitted to. Next, find your specific program within that department in order to get a detailed description of all courses you will need to take to complete your program.

Learning the language

You may come across some unfamiliar terms while registering for courses. Before doing so, make sure to familiarize yourself with course codes and lingo.

Pre-plan and build your timetable

It is always a good idea to start planning your timetable before registration opens. In doing so, you will be able to ensure your schedule is best-suited to your needs without having to rush. It will also allow you more time to review alternate choices for electives. Download the Lakehead University Registration Guide for additional help.

Sign up for Fast Pass

As mentioned above, attending Fast Pass is a great way to get help with setting up your timetable, understanding your program requirements and registering for classes.

Sign up for Fast Pass


3. Planning your Finances

click here to make your budget button

Knowing how to manage your finances at university is important. In addition to knowing how to create and keep within a budget, Lakehead also offers a wealth of financial aid opportunities through scholarships, bursaries and awards. Visit the scholarships page for information about entrance scholarships and bursaries.

Ontario residents can also apply for OSAP (Ontario Student Assistance Program), which offers both grants (money you keep), and loans (money you repay). Visit Lakehead University's Student Central for additional information about financing your education.

Please note: International Students are NOT eligible for OSAP.

4. Intro to D2L, Your Online Learning Environment

Remember when you learned about MyCourseLink, under the "know you lakehead tools" section? Well, D2L stands for "desire 2 learn" and it is the program used for MyCourseLink. Every student needs to learn how MyCourseLink works because even for on-campus classes, professors post important information there.

You can log in in to myCourseLink a few ways(requires the use of your LakeheadUniversity account username and password):

  • Log in to myInfo. Select the "mycourselink" link under the Search menu (9 squares) at the top of the screen OR
  • Log in directly through the mycourselink login page

Tour Now!

Take a tour button



  1. Login, select the “Online Orientation” course, and click on the short student-led tutorial.
  2. Glance over great tips for incoming students and meet other new students in the "discussion" (share a response to have your name entered in a drawing for a prize!)
  3. Feel prepared: learn how to navigate online course content now so that you are comfortable with the technology and can focus on the learning materials when your courses begin!


Once you have registered for courses and before the semester starts, become familiar with steps 5-9. These are helpful pieces of information that can help make your transition as smooth as possible.

5. Understanding University Expectations

University is a very different experience than high school. Let's talk about it!

Especially if you are coming to university straight from secondary school, these differences might seem big. One of the first differences you may notice is that you aren't sitting in class or participating in labs for as long each day. In fact, in some programs, you may only be attending a few hours of class each students posing wearing silly costumesweek. That's because you'll need lots of time to work on major assignments and prepare for tests. Time management is key, and there are supports on campus to help you learn how to manage your time and organize your work-load. Take some time in your first semester to try out different techniques and see what works for you. If you're still having trouble, book an appointment with the Student Success Centre and talk to an advisor. If you are an international student, you can also make a visit to the International Student Services office.

Another major difference from high school to university is your level of independence. In high school, you may have had some really nice teachers who would remind you of deadlines and tests. In university, not all professors will do that. The expectation is that you are in charge of your own education, which includes showing up to class on time, asking questions, studying for tests, and handing in assignments by their due-dates.


University students are required to act ethically and with integrity in academic matters, as well as demonstrate behaviours that support the university's academic values. Students are responsible for being aware of and demonstrating behaviour that is honest and ethical in their academic work. Before classes begin, make sure to become familiar with Lakehead University's Student Code of Conduct. Here is a link to a summary of the Student Code of Conduct. View the entire Code of Conduct at lakeheadu.ca/studentconduct.

As a university student, you are also expected to maintain a level of professionalism. Treating your classmates and professors with respect is an absolute must. This includes showing up to class on time, taking ownership for your actions and words, and communicating properly with your professors. When emailing a professor with a question, be sure to include the course-code for your class in the subject line of the email. (E.g. "GEOG 1111-YA, Student Question")

6. Campus Supports

Lakehead offers many supports to students on campus and online. Below is a detailed list of some of the many supports available to every Lakehead student.

Student Success Centre

The Student Success Centre has many programs and support services in place to help you achieve your academic and personal  goals while studying at Lakehead University. We provide academic support through tutoring services, career exploration, co-operative opportunities and leadership development.

Student Central

Whether you are a new student arriving to campus for the first time, getting ready to graduate or anything in between, Student Central provides you with a more convenient way to conduct your business and access support in one, central location. Here you will be able to access everything you need - from enrolling at Lakehead through to course registration, financial support, academic advising and so much more.

Student Accessibility Services

2 students working together at a computerStudent Accessibility Services provides academic support for all Lakehead students with academic accommodations for disabilities as well as medical conditions. To aid students in the transition process, we have prepared a Transition Planner. The Planner includes some common differences between high school and University, an outline of the information we require, and most importantly, contact information to connect with SAS. Through SAS, you will encounter eager and supportive staff who will work with you to make your time at Lakehead University a truly positive and valuable experience.


Lakehead University Student Union (LUSU)

The Lakehead University Student Union (LUSU) represents all students studying at Lakehead University. We are over 8,000 strong, uniting undergraduate and graduate, full- and part-time, and domestic and international students across Lakehead’s two campuses in Thunder Bay and Orillia. LUSU’s mandate is to ensure that all students can pursue academic excellence as well as personal and social growth at Lakehead, free from barriers related to income, race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, family status, or ability. Through LUSU, students access a wide variety of services, supports, job and volunteer opportunities, and social life like clubs and events.

Gender Equity Centre

The GEC is a feminist action centre that provides peer support, education and advocacy and promotes progressive changes to attitudes and policies on campus. It deals with diverse issues including gender equality, sex-positive education, and sexual violence.

Food Bank

The Food Bank provides free, healthy grocery options to students in financial need. The Food Bank also educates about a variety of food-related issues like food insecurity and sustainable food production practices, and skills like gardening and cooking.

Pride Central

Pride Central provides a safe space for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, two-spirited, queer, intersex, and allies (LGBTTQIA) students. It is open to all Lakehead University students (and community) with a focus on ending discrimination on the basis of sexual orientation and gender identity.

Indigenous Initiatives

At Lakehead, we are proud to offer a culturally supportive environment to all Indigenous students who self-identify as First Nation, Inuit, and Métis. Our aim is to help Indigenous students to achieve success in their academic goals through a variety of support services. As well, we offer a continual welcome to all students, staff, and faculty who wish to learn more about Indigenous culture, traditions, and teachings. Visit Indigenous Initiatives


Lakehead University Security Service provides a professional, uniformed, security service that is licensed under the Ontario Private Security and Investigative Services Act, 2005. (SO 2005, c 34).  Each member of our team is a licensed security guard in the Province of Ontario and is identified by a students playing outsideregimental number worn on the outside of their uniform. Members of our courteous and professional team are on duty 24-hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year.

Lakehead University International

Lakehead University International is committed to helping with your transition to your new life in Canada! International Student Services is dedicated to supporting your exceptional academic and social experience by providing engaging events and activities, advocacy, and focused support that will help you get involved in the community and plan for your future career goals and success. Our International Center provides a culturally supportive environment with International Student Advisors prepared to provide you personalized one-on-one guidance in all the matters specific to you as an international student. LUI, We're here for you!

Student Health and Wellness

Keeping a healthy body and mind is important while you are at university. At the Thunder Bay Campus, we have a team of registered nurses, doctors and counsellors available for you to have your health needs addressed right on campus. The Orillia Campus provides you with access to a Wellness Centre that includes a Naturopathic Doctor, counselling services and resources on health and wellness services in Orillia. View a list of services offered by Student Health and Wellness


This is an impartial, independent and confidential support service provided to ensure you receive fair and equitable treatment throughout your time at Lakehead. The Ombudsperson deals with a variety of issues and complaints and provides information for both academic and non-academic concerns.

Student giving the mascot a high fiveAcademic and Non-Academic Codes of Conduct 

All students are required to abide by the Academic and Non-Academic Codes of Conduct. Make sure you are familiar with the expectations of university academics before you begin your classes. Ask your instructors for clarification and help with understanding concepts like academic integrity and plagiarism. If you are accused of breaching of the Academic Code of Conduct, LUSU, the Ombudsperson, the Office of Human Rights & Equity, Lakehead University International and the Manager of Student Conduct & Case Management are all here to support you.

If you or someone you know, has been negatively affected by behaviour that violates the Non-Academic Code, as a member of the Lakehead community you have the right to file a complaint. Contact the Manager of Student Conduct & Case Management for support.

7. Health and Wellness

It is crucial to take good care of your emotional and physical health while attending university. Thankfully, there are a number of incredible resources Two students smilingavailable to students at Lakehead, to help them be healthy and happy! A few are listed below.

  • LUSU Health & Dental Plan, so you can access important medical services without a financial burden.
  • Student Health & Wellness, so you have support to maintain your wellbeing. Taking care of your mental well-being is just as important as eating healthy and getting exercise.
  • Lakehead Athletics - offers many varsity teams, clubs, and intramural sports that you can join. 
  • The Transition Plan for Students with Disabilities is a valuable resource for students with disabilities or medical conditions, who are departing from their familiar supports at home.
  • The Office of Human Rights and Equity ensures that Lakehead University is an inclusive and accommodating space that champions diversity. Furthermore, it works to prevent and respond to discrimination, harassment and sexual violence.
8. Residence Life!

Lakehead University residence strives to provide students with a clean and safe home, where academic success and personal growth are promoted. It is our goal to provide a community and environment that is rich and diverse. Lakehead University Residence provides a wide range of opportunities that are social, Three students in a residence roomeducational and recreational. 

In Orillia, we provide students social opportunities such as off-site excursions (Pumpkinferno and bowling), game nights, movie nights and holiday activities (snow globe and painting classes) as well as other activities such as snow tubing.  

Before packing for your adventure to University, take a good look around the house to think of what things you'll need during your stay in Residence. Your Residence room will be your home away from home so you will want to surround yourself with things that make you feel comfy and cozy. Here are some suggestions:

    • An enthusiastic, friendly and welcoming personality!

    • Bed Linens (the bed in your room is a double size)

    • Blanket & PillowsBathrobe

    • Hair Dryer

    • Towels Laundry Bag/Basket

    • Laundry Soap/Fabric Softener

    • Waterproof winter boots, winter coat, hat, scarf and mitts, long johns and ski pants

    • Formal Attire (there will be two Formal Dinner Events - one each in Fall Term and Winter Term)

    • Hangers Sewing Kit Computer and printer (all rooms have Wi-Fi)

    • Headphones Mug/Glass/Plate/Eating Utensils (for between-meal snacks)

    • Surge Protector/Power Bar

    • Universal Electrical Adapter (if travelling from abroad)

    • Television or Gaming System

    • Binders

    • Calculator Paper and notepaper 

    • Pens, Pencils, Scissors, Stapler

    • Camera

    • Games

    • Health Card and Health Insurance Information

    • Pictures of family and friends (while it's good to meet new friends, it's also good not to forget old ones)

    • Sports Equipment (skates, skis, frisbee discs, ball glove, racquets, bike, etc.)

    • University Documents (keep all receipts and forms handy) 

And just to be sure, here is a list of what NOT to bring to university: 

    • Air Conditioners - all rooms are air-conditioned

    • Candles - prohibited. This is for your protection. Fires can and do happen, even while taking the most care.

    • Ceiling Fans/ Dish Washers - Residence does not allow such modification to any residence facility.

    • Furniture - As all rooms are fully furnished, additional furniture is not permitted.

    • Heaters - For safety reasons, space heaters are not allowed in any residence.

    • Halogen Lamps - Due to the intense heat emitted, it is not worth the risk.

    • Hot Tubs - For the wellbeing of all Residence students, hot tubs are not permitted to be used on Residence property.

    • Illegal Drugs - Lakehead University Residence has a zero-tolerance on possession and use of illegal drugs in Residence.

    • Microwave Ovens - A microwave and toaster oven is available on each floor for shared use.

    • Nails/Tacks/Duct Tape - If it can't be hung up with white sticky tack then leave it at home.

    • All Pets Except Fish - Snakes, amphibians and reptiles are not permitted. All fish must fit into an appropriate container that is thirty (30) litres in volume or less.  Special consideration will be made for students requiring Emotional Support animals or assistance animals.

    • Satellite Dishes - Cable access is already provided for you.

    • Washing/Drying Machines - These are already provided.

    • Weapons - Firearms and any other weapon(s) or item(s) that are created/intended to cause harm, or could be seen as intimidating, are strictly prohibited. 
9. Social Media to Follow

Check out these pages on Facebook to stay up to date on campus happenings!

Welcome Week

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Steps 10-13 are designed to set you up for success during your first couple of weeks at Lakehead. Make sure you take a look at these upon your arrival!

10. Setting Goals

You may not know what to expect in your first year at university, and that is okay. What is important though, is that you identify some of your hopes so that Student in front of a sign that reads, "Greetings from Lakehead"you can get the most out of your experience. One excellent way of ensuring academic and personal success is by setting SMART goals. Try using the following format to set a few goals for yourself at the beginning of the new semester. This can be a great way to track your progress and keep your eye on the prize!

The Student Success Centre has lots of resources to help you excel in your academics. Access them by visiting our resource library.

  • Specific: The goal is direct, detailed, and meaningful. 
  • Measureable: You will be able to track your progress or success.
  • Attainable: The goal is realistic, and you have the ability to attain it. 
  • Relevant: The goal aligns with your overall objectives and personal values.
  • Time-bound: The goal has a deadline.
11. Your First Week

Your first week on campus will be fun and busy! You'll meet other students and staff, and participate in great orientation activities (specific details about your orientation will be provided to you before you arrive). You will also get to buy school supplies, and orient yourself to the layout of campus.

students cheering at a sports gameLakehead University's Bookstore has all the supplies you need to succeed in your first semester, like textbooks, paper, pens, lab materials, art supplies, and cozy hoodies to make you feel at home. Come to the bookstore with a list of your required textbooks (or look them up on a bookstore computer), and staff members will be pleased to help you find them.

We are so lucky at Lakehead University to have such small campuses. You'll know your way around in no time! Your orientation activities will help familiarize you with the layout of campus, but it is still a good idea to give yourself lots of time to find your classes during the first couple of weeks. Take a virtual tour before your arrival to get a head start.

12. Explore the City

Lakehead Orillia

Students enjoying downtown OrilliaAll full-time Lakehead students receive the U-Pass, which grants unlimited access to city transit services - take the bus anywhere, anytime!

Below is a list of 10 great spots in Orillia accessible by bus from campus. Be sure to check them out and get to know your new home!

  1. Mariposa Market - 109 Mississaga Street East Orillia, Ontario L3V 1V6 - Mariposa Market is a classic market with a cafe, sandwich & salads, bake shop and a season's shop that sells local items.
  2. Scout Valley Loop Trail - Old Barrie Rd E, Orillia, ON L0K 2G0 - Scout Valley Loop Trail is a beautiful outdoor space to connect with nature and stretch your legs!
  3. Orillia Waterfront Pathway - Start at the end of Mississaga street and head north along the Orillia Waterfront Pathway, past the Marina, playground and bandstand. In the summer, students can rent kayaks and stand up paddle boards as well as go for a dip, grab snacks and treats at French's and ice cream from local vendors.
  4. YMCA - 300 Peter Street North. Students receive a free YMCA membership; pick up begins when classes are in session
  5. Tudhope park - On Lake Couchiching, Tudhope Park has both baseball and slo-pitch, as well as the Moose Beach swimming area. It is also home to the Mariposa Folk Festival.
  6. Westridge Plaza and Walmart Superstore - This is where you can access many stores and restaurants, such as Walmart, Food Basics, Value Village, Best Buy, Staples, Booster Juice, Tim Hortons, Montanas, and more!
  7. Mark IV Brothers - 187 Nottawasaga St, Orillia, ON L3V 3K2 - Be sure to check out this neat cafe/variety store!
  8. Orillia Farmers Market - 36 Mississaga St W, Orillia, ON L3V 3A6 (Orillia Public Library) - Visit the Orillia Farmers Market, Open 8:00am - 12:30 pm on Saturdays.
  9. Galaxy Cinemas - Go to Galaxy Cinemas in Orillia to catch a flick with friends!
  10. Leacock Museum National Historic Site - 50 Museum Dr, Orillia, ON L3V 7T9, Canada, Orillia, Ontario L3V 6K5 Canada - Learn about unique Orillia history, or attend one of the many events and shows hosted by the museum throughout the year. Open Monday-Friday!
13. See You on Campus!

Congratulations! This marks the end of your online orientation. Thank you for taking the time to become familiar with some of Lakehead's important policies and student supports. We hope this has helped you feel prepared and excited - we can't wait to see you!

Finally, don't forget to register for Welcome Week by clicking any of the "Sign Up Now!" buttons on this page!

First Six Weeks

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