LVLup Leadership Program


In the image there is the letters "LVL" (capitilized) in the Lakehead yellow, and the word "up" directly to the right in Lakehead red. The "p" on the word up is extended above to appear to be an arrow. Below the LVLup wording is the word "Leadership" in Lakehead blue.







Do you have what it takes to LEAD THE PACK?


As a student at Lakehead University, there are many opportunities for you to get involved!

Our LVLup Leadership Program is designed to help you learn important core leadership skills and put what you have learned into practice, by volunteering both on and off-campus at approved events & activities. This program also helps you meet other passionate Thunderwolves (just like you), support & engage your peers, and grow your resume & your Co-curricular Record!

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I complete the LVLup Leadership Program?
To complete the the LVLup Leadership Program (and be awarded a certificate of achievement and Co-curricular Record credit), you must complete the following requirements:

1. You must register for the LVLup Leadership program.

2.You must attend at least three (3) of the LVLup Leadership workshops offered by the Student Success Centre. These sets of workshops are offered during both the Fall and Winter term each year.

3. You must complete ten (10) volunteer hours through the LVLup Leadership Program on campus. These approved volunteer opportunities are sent to you and tracked by our LVLup Leadership Program Leads.

Certificates will be distributed in mid-December and at the end March each year. CCR credit will be added shortly after the certificates are made available for pick up to those participants that have completed the program requirements.
What types of LVLup Leadership workshops are offered as part of this program?
1. Leadership and Volunteerism

Participating in this workshop will teach participants how Volunteerism contributes to developing their Leadership skills, how being a volunteer impacts their pathway in their personal and professional lives, and how you impact others.

2. Enactus Soft Skills Workshop

By participating in the Enactus Soft Skills Workshop, participants will work on their leadership, communication, problem-solving skills, and more through interactive sessions. This workshop was also used for the LUSU Crew training.

3. Leader Styles

This workshop allows the participants to find their leadership style and develop a more holistic approach to how they want to be leaders in personal and professional spaces. Identifying themselves with different types of leadership like Analyst, Driver, Relationship Master, Motivator, and Servant.

4. Equity, Inclusion and Diversity

This workshop will give the participants the tools to learn, face, and act in an inclusive, diverse and equitable world. As a leader you need to be also a voice, to advocate and to resonate with what is happening around you. This workshop will give you the fundamentals about the main terms, and tools to act and change.

5. Communication

This workshop will give the participants tips, tools and self-identified types of communication, that will help them to develop this particular skill, which is fundamental to enhancing a leadership role. From public speaking, and key points of assertive communication, to cross-cultural communication, this workshop looks forward to making our LVLup leaders better communicators.
When can I register for the LVLup Leadership Program? Are there different program intake periods?
Students that submit a registration form for the LVLup Leadership Program will be contacted as soon as possible after their registration form is received by the Program Leads. Registration for our program will be ongoing, but depending on when you submit your registration form, you will be separated into an intake group.

LVLup Leadership Program Intake Periods:

Fall Term Intake - February 1st to September 30th

Winter Term Intake - October 1st to January 30th

Spring/Summer Term Intake - There is no intake during the Spring/Summer terms, due to Orientation planning. Anyone applying during the Spring/Summer months will be part of the Fall term intake.

Our Program Leads will send you a Welcome Email to let you know that you are officially part of the LVLup Leadership Program. This email will also inform you of what intake group you are part of , when you can begin attending workshops and volunteering as part of our program term, and what their next steps are.


Contact Us!

If you have questions about the LVLup Leadership Program or would like to learn more, please contact our team using the information below:

Thunder Bay Campus 
Juliana Paucar - Program Lead, Thunder Bay campus (Interim)

Orillia Campus
Emily Stewart - Program Lead, Orillia campus