Lakehead Leader Recognition Program




 Lakehead Leader includes: Leadership & Innovation, Academic Excellence, Diversity & Inclusion, Community Engagement, Sustainability

The Lakehead Leader Recognition Program has been developed upon the principles of Lakehead University’s motto: Achievement Through Effort, as well as our institution’s Mission, Vision and Strategic and Academic Plans. 

Lakehead Leaders and Lakehead Luminaries are engaged contributors both on-campus and within their communities, they recognize and celebrate diversity and inclusivity, and they strive to achieve academic excellence. Students who exemplify these qualities may now be recognized as Lakehead Leaders and Luminaries - designations that will receive Co-Curricular credit and a certificate of achievement. 


What is the difference between a Lakehead Leader and a Lakehead Luminary?

Lakehead Leaders have demonstrated exemplary achievement in one or more of the “Five Qualities of a Lakehead Leader.” A maximum of twenty Lakehead Leaders will be recognized each academic year.

Lakehead Luminaries have demonstrated exceptional leadership in two or more of the “Five Qualities of a Lakehead Leader.” A maximum of five Lakehead Luminaries will be recognized each academic year.

What will Lakehead Leaders and Lakehead Luminaries receive?

Recipients of the Lakehead Leader and Luminary awards will receive recognition at an awards ceremony where they will be presented with a Certificate of Achievement. The award winners will also receive credit on their Co-Curricular Record, provided they add the designation to their record.

How are the “Five Qualities of a Lakehead Leader” defined and what is the criteria for each category?

Academic Excellence: Exemplified by a student who demonstrates a commitment to maintaining the highest quality of scholarly activity, workmanship, integrity, accountability and responsibility in their academic pursuits, to the best of their abilities.

  • Demonstrates highest quality of scholarly activity, workmanship, integrity, responsibility

  • Is an "unconventional and passionate thinker"

  • Demonstrates a commitment to academic pursuits beyond the "classroom" (independent research, support of peers, participation in case competitions, academic clubs and groups)

  • Demonstrates understanding of broader connection between academic research and the real world applications - "going beyond the classroom"

Diversity & Inclusion: Exemplified by students who have made a special effort to grow and develop our community’s understanding, support and acceptance of diverse people, cultures, traditions, values and abilities.

  • Contributes to the growth and development of our community’s acceptance of diversity and inclusion 

  • Appropriately challenges the unfair, unjust or uncivil behaviour of other individuals or groups

  • Develops an informed perspective on issues of culture, ethnicity, race, gender, religion, sexual orientation

  • Actively develops/implements activities that promote diversity within the Lakehead and broader community

Citizenship & Community Engagement: Exemplified by students who demonstrate a passion for and strong belief in student leadership and/or giving back to the community whether it be, on campus or within the local or national community or even globally.

  • Demonstrates sense of social justice and/or care for the 'greater' community

  • Through action demonstrates belief in “giving back to the community” either on or off campus

  • Demonstrates ability to work collaboratively with peers, faculty and staff, and community members

  • Employs/utilizes interpersonal skills in support of collaborative efforts

Innovation: Exemplified by students who are “unconventional and passionate thinkers” who use their creative perspective to build and shape innovative programs and/or projects and inspire others.

  • Is an “unconventional and passionate thinker” with a creative perspective to build and shape innovative programs or projects while inspiring others

  • Demonstrates ability to work collaboratively with peers, University staff and Faculty

  • Employs/utilizes interpersonal skills in support of collaborative efforts

  • Works with others to achieve group goals or a shared vision 


Sustainability: Exemplified by students who demonstrate a deep understanding and passion for issues surrounding sustainability. They not only apply sustainable living concepts to their own lives but also take action to educate others on the implementation of sustainability on personal and community scales.

At minimum, your nomination should speak to how the nominee:

  • Has contributed to furthering sustainability efforts at Lakehead and/or in the broader community

  • Demonstrates a passion for the promotion of a wider understanding and adoption of sustainability concepts and practices in their community

  • Has developed an informed perspective and led by example on issues surrounding sustainability

  • Has actively developed/implemented educational and/or advocacy activities surrounding sustainability

Can any student be nominated from either campus? 

Yes. Nominations are open to all current undergraduate and graduate students. Eligible students can be full-time or part-time. Students from both campuses can be nominated. Students in any year of study can be nominated.

Who can nominate a student?

Any Lakehead student, staff or faculty member can nominate a current student.

Is there a deadline to nominate someone?

The deadline to submit a nomination is to be determined.

How do I nominate someone for the Lakehead Leader or Lakehead Luminary awards?

Nominator must complete and submit an online “Nomination Form”. Click here to submit!

Who will review the nominations and select recipients?

A review committee will consist of students, staff, faculty, and LUSU representatives.

When and where will the Lakehead Leaders/Luminaries be recognized?

To be determined.

Who can I contact should I have further questions?

Please contact the Student Success Centre.


P:  807-343-8018