Undergraduate Studies in Education

Lakehead University's Department of Undergraduate Studies in Education offers unique learning opportunities that help you to gain the knowledge, skills, attitudes, and qualifications to teach in Ontario or in other exciting locations.

As part of the Faculty of Education, we offer a wide variety of Bachelor of Education degree (BEd) programs that can prepare you for a dynamic and rewarding career in education. To become a certified teacher in Ontario, you can complete one of our accredited programs, which include the following types:

  • B.Ed Professional Programs: These are two-year B.Ed programs for students who already have an approved undergraduate degree

  • Concurrent Programs: These are double degree programs that allow you to earn a BEd as well as an undergraduate degree in another discipline. Please click here to see more information on our Concurrent Education Program Offerings

Each of our programs provide you with the pedagogical foundations to be an effective teacher while also giving you the flexibility to explore teaching methods, concepts, and values that are meaningful to you. All of our programs, in either Thunder Bay, Ontario or Orillia, Ontario, use multidisciplinary teaching approaches, emphasize collaborative learning, and foster critical thinking; each helps you to meet your goals and gives you the opportunity to inspire future learners.

What is Undergraduate Studies in Education?

Undergraduate Studies in Education involves the study and practice of teaching and works to prepare you to be a effective educator. All of our programs combine theory-based courses and practical experiences to ensure that you are able to meet the academic, social, and emotional needs of learners no matter the setting.

Interested in Undergraduate Studies in Education?

Students interested in completing a B.Ed program will learn the following:

  • The knowledge to assess and use various pedagogical practices to teach diverse learners effectively

  • The ability to develop and execute lesson plans to meet the needs of learners in different educational environments

  • Be able to appreciate the professional standards that are associated with teaching as well as be able to recognize the importance of professional development

  • The capacity to collaborate with others in order to create a safe, accepting, and student-centred learning culture