Preparation Templates

Use the following templates if you are developing a curriculum change for an initiator in your Academic Unit and you do not have your own account set up in Curriculum Navigator, i.e. someone else will be putting your request into Curriculum Navigator for you.

Only use one template per change, i.e. don’t include multiple changes on one template as this makes it more difficult for the initiator to input.

Note: InfoPath documents should no longer be used.


Step 1:  Select your template and save it to your computer

For each type of curriculum change, there is a corresponding template. The reason there are different templates is because each change type requires different information, and/or will be sent through a different workflow (committees).

A note about associated changes. Your curriculum change may result in an associated change. This will require an additional template submission. For example, if you change a course title, this would result in a change to all program requirements that contain that course title. Therefore you would need to submit the following templates: Modify a Course and Modify a Program.

How to find associated changes. Open up the Academic Calendar, type in a keyword or phrase in the bar called “Search Calendar”. This feature will search for your item from the various categories: Courses, Programs, Regulations and Admission Requirements. Questions? Contact the Calendar Officer for assistance with associated changes.


Program types:

Admission Requirements:



Step 2:  Complete the template(s)

If you have any questions about the template fields, please email or call the Academic & Curriculum Development Coordinator at 807-766-7220 (or ext. 7220).

Step 3:  Submit the template(s)

Submit your template(s) via email to the initiator within your faculty so that they may enter the information into Curriculum Navigator. If you are unsure who the initiator is contact the Administrative Assistant to the Dean for information.

The initiator will input this request into Curriculum Navigator to start the approval process. A unique request number will then be assigned to your request. You may use this number to track the progress of your request.