Contact Resources

Contact Resources:

Questions? See below for contact resources: Who do I contact if…

  • I am unsure if my curriculum change requires a proposal brief (Provost Office)
  • I have questions about developing a program proposal brief (Provost Office)
  • I am unsure if my change is a major modification, not major, or a special modification (Provost Office)
  • I have questions about Quality Assurance and the IQAP (Provost Office)
  • I am having trouble logging into my Curriculum Navigator Account (Academic & Curriculum Development Coordinator)
  • I am new to Curriculum Navigator and I don't know where to start (Academic & Curriculum Development Coordinator)
  • I would like to track a request but I don’t have a user account (Academic & Curriculum Development Coordinator)
  • I am unsure how to attach a program proposal brief to my Curriculum Navigator request (Academic & Curriculum Development Coordinator)
  • There are many pieces of my request and I’m not sure how to submit them all into Curriculum Navigator (Academic & Curriculum Development Coordinator)
  • I received an email from and I’m not sure why (Academic & Curriculum Development Coordinator)
  • A curriculum request was relegated back to me and I’m not sure what to do with it (Academic & Curriculum Development Coordinator or Provost Office)
  • I have questions about associated curriculum changes (Academic & Curriculum Development Coordinator)
  • I want to know the deadline for submitting curriculum requests (Secretariat Office)
  • I am an administrator or Chair on a Senate Committee and have questions about my report to Senate (Secretariat Office)
  • For all questions regarding Senate reports, meeting dates, Senate minutes, Senate Committee members, or Senate Committee Terms of Reference (Secretariat Office)

Provost Office: Contact the Provost and Vice-President (Academic) office at or 807-343-8132 (ext. 8132).

Academic & Curriculum Development Coordinator: Contact the Academic & Curriculum Development Coordinator at or 807-766-7220 (ext. 7220).

Secretariat Office: Contact the Secretariat Office at or 807-346-7929 (ext. 7929).