Parking Lot Safety

Precautions to minimize chances of Damage, Theft & Assault

  • Prevent fender-benders by watching for cars cutting diagonally across spaces, particularly near the lot's perimeter. Also, drive slowly and use your directional blinkers.
  • Always roll up your car windows and lock your car doors to discourage vandalism and theft.
  • Before backing out of a parking spot, always glance over your shoulder for pedestrians as well as for other reversing cars.
  • Don't take up two spots, especially in busy lots.
  • Observe everything around you as you walk to your car. Choose your route to avoid anything/anyone who looks suspicious or and area that is not well lit.
  • Always note where you're parked.
  • At night, always park in a well-lit area, ideally under a light pole. Use the University Safe Walk service.
  • Have your keys ready when approaching your car.
  • When driving separately with friends, walk together to the closest car, shuttle to other vehicles and wait until all friends are underway. If someone has car trouble, wait with them until assistance arrives and they're squared away.