Campus Watch

The aims and objectives of this program are to encourage safety, reducing the opportunity for personal injury, crime and unreported incidents. While maintaining a safe, secure and healthy campus environment.

Campus Watch will help to ensure a safe working and living environment for students, staff, faculty and visitors.

Security Services, Lakehead University Residence and Thunder Bay Police Service are working together to achieve an environment that allows anyone to report when a crime or suspicious activity is observed.

When working together we make our campus safer for everyone.  

When to Report

  • If you see an incident, such as vandalism or theft taking place
  • Someone is breaking into a vehicle, building or residence
  • A stranger loitering in or around residence
  • Hear someone calling for help
  • A loud explosion or alarm
  • Activity which is considered illegal or in any way puts the safety, security, property or lives of people on campus at risk
  • Anything that seems out of the ordinary for the area or for the time of day

If you have knowledge of a crime off campus contact the Thunder Bay or Orillia Police Service.

How to Report

There are several ways to report. With each service a phone number has been provided, you will not be required to identify yourself, that decision is up to you. Also a report can be made in person to any of the departments listed below.

If you live in residence you may feel more comfortable speaking with your House President or RA or the Residence Life Coordinator, if you are unsure of the direction to take.

Call 343-8911/8911* in Thunder Bay, 330-4010/3-911* in Orillia or  a nearby emergency phone if you require immediate assistance in a medical emergency or a threatening or potentially harmful situation.

In case of Emergency call 9-1-1