FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

10 Most Popular Questions

1) Can I get a permit if I owe for outstanding parking fines?

No, you must pay all outstanding fines before a permit can be purchased through the parking program.  All outstanding parking fines are automatically added to your total amount due when you are purchasing a permit. These fines are recorded electronically and carry forward from year to year.  If you have failed to pay for your fines, the Lakehead University Traffic and Parking Regulations allow the Director of Security to authorize several methodologies to collect outstanding fines. These include - - prohibiting your right to park on campus, the towing of your vehicle off of Lakehead University property at your expense, advising Student Accounts of outstanding fines, which may place a hold on your account.  This may impact the ability to register or withdraw from classes and may halt the issuing of transcripts or academic degrees or other parchment until all fines are paid.

2) If I have a 'G' Parking Permit and the 'G' lots are full, what do I do?

You may park in Lot 1 ONLY. You may not park in any reserved or Specialty lot

3) How do I get a locker?

The lockers are now obtained through the parking and locker program. You must enter the program and obtain a user profile. You then can select a locker from the building you want from available lockers listed. You can pay for the locker rental on line with a credit card or indicate you wish to pay by other means. It is recommended you find a locker in the area you wish and then select that locker if available or another locker that is available in that area.

4) Can I purchase my permit early?

Yes you can. Through the parking and locker program you may purchase a permit on line when they are made available. The new school year or annual permits should be available in mid August each year. January to April permits in mid December and May to June and  May to August permits in Mid April each year. Monthly permits go on sale the week in advance of the month in which they are valid. You just have to sign onto the parking and locker program and purchase a permit. A bulletin will be sent out when they are ready.

5) If I have a parking pass for a specific lot and there are parking meters there, can I park at the meters?

Meters are for short term parking only. If you park at a meter you must put money in the meter whether you have a parking pass or not.

6) What happens if I am using the car pool area and I leave for lunch?

If you left and there were no open spots on your return, you would have to park in the parking lot for which your pass was good for.

7) If I purchase a daily parking pass, where can I park?

The daily parking passes are now available for purchase by scanning the QR code at all entrances to the university or when purchased from the "Pay and Display" machine located at the Oliver Road entrance. 

The pay and display passes are $1.50 per hour to a maximum of $6.50 for the day. Weekends and Holidays are excluded automatically. You may pay in coins or with a credit card.

The daily permits purchased by QR code or at the Pay and Display station are good for "G" Lots only. If paying at the pay and display, you must place the permit on your dash where it is plainly visible.


8) If I have a parking permit for a Specialty Lot parking lot, can I park in any other lot?

If you have a permit for a Specialty Lot and upon arrival you find that there are no free spaces available, you may park in a "G"  parking lot. You may park at anytime in Lot 1 at the Fieldhouse with any Specialty or G permit.

9) How do I use the car pool spaces in Lot 14?

You have to have a valid Preferred, General or Lot 1 permit. You must have a minimum of 3 occupants in the vehicle and you must obtain a Car Pool Pass at the Security Office.

The pass will be good for a one week period from the date it is picked up. This pass is free and you must hang it on your rear view mirror so it is plainly visible. You must park before 11:00 a.m. After 11:00 a.m. if there are any remaining parking spots they will revert to "G Lot"  passes.

10) I have an accessible permit for my vehicle. Do I need to buy a parking pass from Lakehead University to park in an accessible space?

Yes you do. Even though all the accessible spots are in prime lots, you need a 'G' permit only to park in those spaces. The accessible parking in the Agora Circle has parking meters installed. Even though they or other accessible spots may have a meter, these are the only metered parking spots that you can use a Lakehead University parking permit at with your accessible permit. You won't need to put money in the meter if you have a 'G' or 'Specialty' permit and have a valid accessible permit.