Print & Mail


  Any large copy or print jobs (above $50) should be re-directed to an outside printer.  These "out-sourced" print jobs need to be approved by your immediate supervisor and/or academic lead.  For larger jobs, most external print shops will provide substantially lower cost per page rates than we can provide (8 cents per page) internally.  Remember, our printers/copiers are designed to work with mid-level office printing, not high-output projects.

 Printing should be minimized in favour of scanned documents or online electronic material wherever possible.

 Note: Since implementing our card-based copy and print system in May 2012, we have successfully reduced our overall printing demand by 50%, resulting in a lower environmental footprint, as well as significant cost savings.

Mail Services

Inter-office Mail between OA and HP 

Mail between Orillia Academic (OA) and Heritage Place (HP) will be sent every Friday. Please have all mail at the Residence Front Desk by noon of the delivery day. Wherever possible, scan and email documents, and if required, follow up with hard copy delivery.  

Note: Please ensure that mail (including textbooks and magazines), is accurately addressed for either OA or HP, in order to avoid costly courier fees between OA and HP.

ORILLIA Mail Services

Inter-campus Mail Delivery
Outgoing mail for the Thunder Bay campus is delivered on Tuesdays and Fridays. Please have all mail at the Residence Front Desk by noon of the delivery day.

Note: Oversize mail that cannot fit inside an interoffice envelope or equivalent will not be accepted.  For larger items other than standard mail, please use your departmental account with the mailing label already attached and drop it off at the Residence Front Desk for outgoing pickup.

Document Drop-Off & Pick-Up
The Residence Front Desk (and Security Office) are no longer able to hold items (e.g. books, papers, assignments) for students, staff, or faculty. Please make alternate arrangements for items to be exchanged in your office or during class.

Recording Received Mail

The Residence Front Desk staff will continue to record all packages arriving via courier services and Canada Post mail. If you are sending/receiving important documents, it is recommended that you register these through a courier service (e.g. UPS, FedEx), so you are provided with a tracking number.

Opening Mail Addressed to the University

All mail that is addressed to the University without a specific staff or faculty member’s name will be opened in an attempt to figure out who the mail belongs to. To be sure you get your mail, when you are placing orders, ensure that your name will appear on the outside of the envelope.

These procedures are intended to help us be more efficient and meet our sustainability targets, while also reducing postage charges. Thank you for your cooperation!