Creating media resources for teaching and learning

Whether you are wanting to find easy ways to create media for teaching or learning this is the place for you. The following 'one pager' style guides can be used by instructors to create instructional video, graphic representations of course content, and audio narratives or summaries. These guides can also be shared with your students as they begin projects which allow them to submit reports, presentations, etc in other formats then the traditional academic paper!


Video/Audio guides

 Creating pecha kucha instructional videos:  The following one pager can help you to assure you can use your time most efficiently, when creating informative and engaging instructional video.

 A pecha kucha style instructional video creation one pager

Creating video recording while 'in the field': The following one pager can help you to create quality video using the camera built in to your iPhone, Android, iPad or laptop.

A remote video recording one pager

 Creating a video teaser/trailer for upcoming activity: We have all watched movie trailers that have enticed us to go watch a movie. A course teaser/trailer can serve a similar enticing function (without big movie ticket prices tags, and fancy CGI effects).

 A course teaser/trailer creation one pager

Editing audio to improve quality: We has all 'grabbed' audio soundbites or recorded interviews from our everyday devices (smart phones, ipads, etc). We want the information but may not have had time to set up a quiet space, or had access to a good quality microphone before pressing record.

An editing audio with Audacity one pager

Graphic/image guides

Creating a research poster: The following resources aid in the creating of research posters:

A poster design one pager

A poster layout example and template

Creating sketchnotes: Sketchnotes are notes that utilize visual elements such as icons, small drawings, and

lettering. They help with active listening and focus, and aid in information recall.

A sketchnoting basics one pager

Creating compelling images: Did you know that creating great images only requires you to focus on 3 aspects? You can practice your photo skills with any camera enabled device and this one page:

An image creation one pager

Creating engaging Prezi presentations: Prezi has a canvas style space where you can create your presentation on one canvas instead of 'linearizing' it in Powerpoint. This one pager will help you get started using basic settings/features to create a presentation with 'flow'.

A Prezi presentation basics one pager


Interactive object guides

Creating interactive timelines using eCampusOntario's H5P studio: There are a significant number of ways to create engaging and dynamic media elements in the H5P studio but one methods for presentation of information that is complex and time related is with an interactive timeline. The following one pager will guide you through the basic elements/settings.

An H5P timeline creation one pager

Using stories and personas to test for understanding using branching scenarios in eCampusOntario's H5P studio: There are extremely complex storylines and assessment/feedback paths you can create using branching scenarios. The following one pager will guide you through the basic elements/settings to introduce you to 'Bobbi'. The final H5P can be experiences HERE.

An H5P branching scenario one pager

Are you looking for a guide that is not yet provided here? Email us the details for what you are looking for and we can create one! Let us know by emailing


all above linked 'one pager' resources, by TeachingCommons@LU, are shared under a CC BY-NC 4.0 license.