I am an Orillia Student/Faculty/Staff

The Lakehead University Photo ID Card (the "Card") is the official means of identification at Lakehead University for administrative, security, and academic purposes. The University requires all students, faculty, and staff to have an official, valid University Photo ID Card on their persons when on campus. Your receipt and continued possession and use of the Card mean that you agree without qualification to all the "Terms and Conditions for Possession and Use of the Lakehead University Photo ID Card".

Questions?  Contact bookstro@lakeheadu.ca

All students, faculty and staff at Lakehead University Orillia Campus are required to have on their person a University Photo Identification Card while on campus.

Anyone requesting information relating to the Orillia Campus Photo ID card should email the Bookstore at bookstro@lakeheadu.ca.


How to obtain an ID card:

  • Your first ID card is available at no cost

  • Replacement cards are $15.00


  1. Send an email to bookstro@lakeheadu.ca, with the following information:
  2. Subject line: "Name of Program/Location" - "Year" - ID Card
    • Examples:
      • Lakehead Orillia - 1st Year - ID Card
      • LU-GC - 3rd yr Student - ID card
      • Employee ID Card
  3. Name, Lakehead email address, Student ID / Employee ID number and attach a photograph of yourself.
  4. Attach your photo:
    • You must provide a passport-style photo (smiling allowed and encouraged).
    • Your photo must reflect your current appearance.
    • Your face must be fully and clearly visible (no sunglasses or hats).
    • Your photo must be centered and taken straight on, with face and shoulders centred and squared to the camera.
    • Your photo must have uniform lighting and not show shadows, glare or flash reflections.
    • Your photo must be clear, sharp and in focus.
    • Your photo must be in colour with a uniform white background.
    • Your photo must not be digitally altered (cropping and resizing is acceptable).
    • Your photo must be in JPEG format with a minimum image size of 300 pixels high x 240 pixels wide.
    • Your image file must be no larger than 2MB. 

id card samples


If any of the requested information is missing you will be contacted by email.

Once your ID card has been printed you will be emailed by the Bookstore, and be provided information about your ID card along with details about the Bookstore.