Lakehead University Molecular Archaeochemistry and Residue Services

Molecular Services

LUMARS provides molecular services for the characterization and identification of a large range of molecules including carbohydrates, nucleic acids, amino acids, hydrocarbons, lipids, terpenes, terpenoids, fatty acids, alkaloids, fats, phospholipids, steroids, and waxes, aromatics and inorganic compounds. These molecules may be identified as biomarkers for identification or as markers for preservation. This service is specific to the molecule of interest but can be performed on unknown substances for characterisation.

Archaeochemistry Services
There are many objects or substances other than residues that can be found in the archaeological record. The archaeological chemistry and material analysis service provides a range of analyses to identify the material composition of these archaeological remains. These analyses can include elemental analysis, biochemical analysis, histological analysis, chemical analysis and microscopic analysis.

Residue Services
Archaeological, organic, inorganic and trace residue analysis can be  a pplied to any archaeological material that is found on the surface of another. Archaeological residues can include cave art pigment, cooking residues, ceramic residue, lithic residues, food processing residues, blood residues, brewing residue, proc essing residues, coprolites, soil pits, caches, functional areas, paints, poisons and chemical traces.  
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