Changing Office Information

To change your office information box, log into the CMS and then use the following steps:

1. On your site's navigation menu, click the Contact Us button

This is an image of the navigation menu (Contact Us)

Note: The Contact Us button will often be hidden. The button will read Contact Us (hidden)

2. On the Contact Us page, move your cursor over the text, click the Gear symbol and then click the Edit button in the context menu

This is an image showing how to edit your web page's contact box

 3. In the Edit content page, change or enter the appropriate information

This is an image of our edit content page

 4. Once you complete all of the changes, click the Save button

This is an image of our save button

Once you click the Save button, all changes will be present in your site's office box

This is an image of a Lakehead University office box