Lakehead University Wood Science Testing Laboratory

Summary of major services

  • Abrasion testing of flooring and other surfaces
  • Biofuels calorie testing
  • Wood structural mapping (X-ray)
  • Wood chip analysis
  • Wood mechanical and physical properties

Wood Science is critical to the understanding of the fundamental component of one of Canada's major industries, the tree. Value-added timber products will be a significant part of Northern Ontario's economy in the future. Dr. Mathew Leitch of Lakehead University's Faculty of Natural Resources Management is a wood scientist with experience in the wood ultrastructure as well as tree biochemistry. The labs have recently been upgraded with funding obtained by Dr. Leitch and he is currently engaged in a number of projects in partnership with local industry.

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Dr. Mathew Leitch

Faculty of Natural Resources Management
Phone: 807-343-8010 ext 8659
Location: Braun Building: BB1012, 14,15 and 16


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