Providing Evidence of Teaching

1. "Guide for Providing Evidence of Teaching" (2018; pdf) is chart-based document that "help[s] you identify and record the various elements of your teaching and learning practices."

  • "You may find it helpful when preparing materials that require you to describe your teaching practice and impact (such as academic hiring processes, teaching dossiers and teaching award nomination packages) or for identifying activities you would like to pursue to enhance your teaching practice."
  • "It has been developed based on the Teaching Expertise Framework (Kenny et al., 2017)."

2. NOTE: "This is not a checklist, and not every facet or category may be relevant to your practice."

  • "The guide simply lists items you may want to include and ways in which you can document them."
  • "You may find some categories could indicate overlap – for each piece of evidence, you can choose the most relevant category given your particular context."

3. The documents defines, provides languages for, and gives both (many) example activities and (many) examples of evidence (from one's self, from students, from colleagues) for each of the following "Facets of Teaching Expertise":

  • Teaching and Supporting Learning
  • Supervision and Mentorship
  • Professional Learning and Development
  • Educational Leadership
  • Research, Scholarship, and Inquiry