Test and Exam Accommodations

Memory Aid / Formula Sheet

Here are the guidelines for approving a Memory Aid. 

Additional Time

Here is a pdf to save as a reference. 

Based on the classroom duration of any given test/exam/quiz, there is a mathematical formula that can be used to calculate the accommodated time for an SAS student whose extra time is identified on the Confidential Accommodation Form:

SAT = CD x (1 + ET/60)

SAT is the Student's Accommodated Time that needs to be calculated (in minutes initially).

CD is the Classroom Duration (in minutes)

ET/60 is the student's extra time noted in additional minutes per hour.

In many cases, the calculation of extra time for a student's test/exam/quiz will not require the use of a calculator. For example, if a student had the extra time accommodation of 30 additional minutes per hour, then the student's accommodated time for a 3 hour exam would be:

3 hrs. + (3 x 30 min. for each hour) = 3 hrs. + 90 min. = 4 hrs. + 30 min.