Course Accommodations

Recording Lectures

All students that require a recording accommodation must consent to and sign the Recording Agreement which states:

  • Recordings of class lectures will not be distributed, emailed, posted or otherwise communicated to any other person without the written consent of the lecturer.
  • Audio recorded lectures will not be used in any way against the faculty member, other lecturers, or students whose classroom comments are recorded as part of the class activity.
  • Students will erase/destroy the recordings when they are no longer required for the purposes of private study.

Alternate Format

Some students with a print disability (i.e., students who cannot read, see, or manipulate print on paper) may require textbooks in a format alternate to print (e.g. Braille, MP3, PDF, Word).

  • Electronic versions (e.g. text document PDF, etc.) can more easily be converted to other formats (e.g. Large Print, Braille, and Kurzweil) making selection of an electronic text copy preferred.
  • Where possible use of a text which previously exists in alternate format (alternate to print) is a sound practice in universal design.

Note Taking

Some students may require notes in order to obtain necessary lecture information.

  • SAS works collaboratively with the professor in obtaining a volunteer student note taker. The note taker is not a substitute for class attendance.

  • A professor may be asked to provide notes or an alternative when a note taker cannot be found.

  • In courses where faculty provide notes to the full class or your class lecture is recorded, there may be no need for a note taker.

  • In situations where you receive a note taker request for a course that has no lecture component or that you are providing notes or recordings for, please contact indicating how your course content is delivered. This information will be passed along to the student to ensure their needs are being met.

You can assist SAS Note Taking in their search for note takers by announcing the note taker request to your class in an email or during the lecture. Linked here is a Note Taker Needed slide for you to add to your presentation if you so choose.