Mature Students

"I returned to school as a mature student because my first career was no longer making me happy.  Lakehead University supported me through Fast Pass, Student Central, transfer credits, a bursary and through the ISSC [Indigenous Student Services Centre].  The supports provided at the ISSC were the largest aid in preparing for academics.  If I had some words of encouragement for others who are thinking of applying as a mature student, they would be: it’s worth it."

-Cat Free, 3rd year Social Work Student

Who Are Mature Students?

For the purpose of this page, the definition of "mature student" can only be determined by YOU! This definition is not solely based on age - it includes life experiences, personality and mindset. For example, you may define yourself as a mature student if you:

  • have no previous post-secondary experience
  • had a large gap between your educational pursuits
  • have past career/working experience and/or are seeking a new career
  • you are working while studying
  • are a part-time student
  • have family responsibilities and/or care for dependents

So, do you identify as a Mature Student? If so, please take a moment to fill out our survey, which will help us create events and programming specifically for you! Click here to be re-directed to our survey. Thank you!


We've prepared a list of resources to assist our Mature Students. Learn More

Google Chat

Connect with your peers and receive updates about events through our Mature Student group on Google Chat! If you'd like to be added contact

Send us your videos!

We are currently preparing resources and programming for our incoming mature students, and we would like to invite you to create a video of yourself sharing your experience at Lakehead as a mature student. The videos you and others students create will be edited together to be viewed by new mature students, many of whom may have the same anxieties and challenges you had or have. The video we create will be similar to this one: If you are interested in helping other students like yourself feel welcome and supported at Lakehead, please reach us at


Mature Student Socials and Info Sessions

Mature Student Socials are an informal social opportunity to get connected to other students! Mature Student Info Session are where we invite experts from our campus and community to speak about the topics you've expressed interest in.

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Upcoming Events

The following events are scheduled for the Spring/Summer 2021 semesters.

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