Special Exam Time Periods & Deadline Dates

Special exams will only be offered during a very specific time period as outlined below. In addition to knowing the time periods, please also be aware of the deadline dates associated with applying to write a Special Exam. 

Special Exam Time Periods

Special examinations for:

  • Full year courses will be written in June
  • Winter term courses will be written in June
  • Fall term courses will be written in January
  • Spring or summer term courses will be written in August 

Special Exam Deadline Dates

The Dates for special examinations are published in the Academic Schedule of Dates within the Academic Calendar. Applications to write Special Exams must be filed by the deadline dates as published. These applications must be accompanied by the prescribed fee, which is non-refundable. Given the nature of the condensed time frame for Specials, deadline dates will be strictly followed. Late applications will not be considered. 

Final Date to Apply for a Fall Term Special ExamFriday, January 5
Special Examination Period for Fall TermJanuary 10 - 13
Final Date to Apply for a Winter Term & Full Year SpecialFriday, May 18
Special Examination Period for Winter & Full Year CoursesJune 14 - 16
Final Date to Apply for a Spring & Summer SpecialMonday, August 27
Special Examination Period for Spring & Summer Year CoursesSaturday, September 1

Please carefully review the criteria within the Special Exam regulation to see if you may be considered for this privilege.