Special Exam Criteria

Before you apply to write a Special Exam, carefully review the criteria to see if it may be an option.

Special Exam Eligibility Requirements

The privilege of writing special examinations is limited to any undergraduate student who has:

(i) Failed the course but attained a grade of at least 40% in each course for which a special examination is requested; OR
(ii) Passed the course but failed to attain the minimum grade required in the course; OR
(iii) Passed the course but failed to attain the required cumulative average to carry on with his/her program.

Review more information about special examinations in the University Regulations section of the course calendar as well as your Faculty/Program regulations as they may vary.  VII Special Examinations.

Important Special Exam Deadlines/Dates

For important dates and deadlines, please visit the Special Exam Deadline Dates page.

How to Apply for a Special Exam

To apply for a Special Exam, complete the Special Exam Request Form and return it to studentcentral@lakeheadu.ca on or before the deadline. Please ensure you are adhering to the deadline dates to ensure you will be considered. For more information on applying, visit the Apply to Write a Special Exam page.

Temporary Grading Scheme (COVID-19) Implications on Special Exams

Students who wish to write a special exam must not convert their grade under the temporary grading scheme. Students who have converted their numeric grade to a PCR, FNC, or W are not eligible to write a special exam, as the numeric grade is used in assessing for special exam eligibility.

If a student wishes to write a special exam, they will not have the option to convert their resulting grade under the temporary grading scheme. That is, after completing a special exam, the numeric grade that has been achieved will remain on the transcript, without the option to convert to PCR, FNC, or W.