Missed Exam (Medical/Personal)

Lakehead University is temporarily suspending the need for a student who is ill to provide a Certificate of Illness or Incapacitation completed by a Medical Professional as per University Regulation IV “Examinations – Missed Examinations Due to Illness or Other Extenuating Circumstances”. Please review the steps below.

Temporary Steps to Follow for Student Illness & Missed Exam

If you are ill and need to defer an exam, please follow these steps:

1.     Inform your instructor(s) directly by email from your lakeheadu.ca email prior to the exam;
2.     In exceptional circumstances, should a medical situation arise leading up to or during the exam, inform your instructor immediately.
3.     Within the email, you will be required to provide a self-declaration affirming your illness to be true. In order for your exam to be deferred and rescheduled, you will be required to include the following Self-Declaration

Student Self-Declaration Email:

I am submitting this self-declaration as a request made in good faith for academic consideration due to illness that has temporarily impaired my physical health and ability to write my exam/test as scheduled.

By making this declaration I am affirming these statements to be true. Once I have returned to good health, I will contact my professor directly via email to arrange a new exam date.

I understand that providing any false or misleading information, or using this self-declaration to delay or avoid fulfilling academic requirements, constitutes a breach of academic integrity as outlined in the Lakehead University’s Academic Integrity and Policies.

4.     Once you have returned to good health, immediately contact your instructor(s) to arrange a new exam date.

 Note: No additional documentation (e.g. Certificate of Illness, Medical Note) will be required from you.

If you have any questions or require any assistance related to this, please contact:
Your instructor directly

Nikki Maronese, Scheduling & Exam Coordinator (807) 343-8498 or schedule@lakeheadu.ca