Missed Exam (Medical/Personal)

As per Lakehead University's Regulation, IV Examinations, occasionally, students encounter circumstances beyond their control where they may not be able to write a final examination for reasons such as serious illness or death of an immediate family member. 

Note: The following applies only for exams scheduled during the official Examination Period (December and April). For missed exams, such as midterms scheduled by instructors, please consult the individual instructor. 

In cases where a student misses a formal examination due to an incapacitating illness:

In cases where a student misses a formal examination due to other exceptional circumstances:

official supporting documentation must be provided (e.g. copy of a death certificate or letter from the funeral home) and submitted no later than three (3) working days after the date of the original final examination.

Official documentation (submitted by the dates above) must be sent to the Office of Student Affairs by:

Drop Off Location:  C/o Student Central, UC 1002 (next to the Agora)

Email:  admin.vpsa@lakeheadu.ca

Accommodation shall be granted only when the documentation indicates that the onset, duration and severity of the illness or other circumstances are such that the student could not have reasonably been expected to complete the examination on the scheduled date.

Upon receipt of the Request to Write Missed Exam - Certificate of Illness or Incapacitation or other supporting documentation, the Instructor will be notified to arrange for the student to write the missed examination. The final grade will be submitted to Enrolment Services as soon as possible after the rescheduled examination has been written.

Students will not be given another opportunity to write the examination if it is missed a second time. In some cases, when extraordinary circumstances beyond a student’s control prevent him/her from completing the rescheduled examination, a student may be eligible to petition Enrolment Services to explain the circumstances.