Exam Time Periods

For each academic term, the University reserves a set of dates for the official examination periods. It is important to save these dates! 

2022/2023 Academic Year - Official Examination Periods:

Fall 2022 Term Courses
December 8-December 18, 2022 
*Exam Contingency Date: December 29, 2022 

Winter 2023 Term Courses
April 11-April 24, 2023
*Exam Contingency Dates: April 25, 2023 

A complete list of Examination Periods, including Spring and Summer terms can be found here

For each published examination period, an Examination Timetable will be posted online. As a student, you are responsible to verify the day, time and location of your scheduled examination. You are required to attend all examinations that are prescribed in any courses in which they are registered. Travel arrangements must only be booked for dates outside of the examination period if you are making travel plans in advance of the Timetable being released. 

The Examination Timetable will be posted by mid-October for December examinations, and by early February for April examinations. Any changes in the Timetable that become necessary after the Timetable has been posted will be modified online.

You can easily view your Exam Timetable for your particular courses through myInfo, My Exam Schedule. Ensure you are reviewing your Exam Timetable so you know when each of your exams are scheduled. 

Note: For Special Exams, the exam time period differs in order to ensure you have enough time to receive your grades from your final exam to determine if you want to consider a Special Exam. Refer to Special Exams